Welcome…..namaste (coming together)

Welcome to my new world! My mind is splitting with ideas and concepts that cannot be contained!

So I am sharing with you all that I believe to be true – true for me and I hope for you too.

Yes, it could be considered a spiritual journey, but don’t tune out just yet!  There’s poems and Mother’s Wisdom and most of all love. xx

A lot of people reading this will understand the principals that I am sharing here and others will not be there yet – but definitely on their way if they’ve found this blog.  My hope is that this is merely a compendium of thoughts and verses that you can enjoy and relate to.

So what do you believe about you?  Do you allow yourself the “luxury” of tuning in and finding out or do you get your beliefs off the shelf?

I know for sure that who I was was not the authentic me.  I just felt wrong!  Everything someone else said or did made me envious and left me with a feeling of emptiness and self-doubt.  Doubt that I had learned to cleverly hide with my many attitudes and responses that I used to divert detection of my inner loathing (too harsh of a word but you get the idea).  The truth is that they probably didn’t and shouldn’t care what I thought or felt.  It is, after all, my life.  They’d enjoy the laugh or detest the scolding and move through their own lives completely forgetting my existence!  As it should be!

These ideas are expressed in my poem “Funny”.  I hope you like it.


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