Wellness Odyssey

I invite everyone to come along with me on my wellness odyssey.

I feel that some of these principles require clarification….eg “Most amazing excitement” for you might be patting the cat…..”Awesome experience” might be spending time with a loved one or jumping off a cliff…”abundance” could be enough money to buy a loaf of bread.   Remember we are all unique and source is living through our experiences.   Everything is valid and nothing is better or worse than anything else.

I follow my joy to experience the most amazing excitement that I can imagine

I combine the physical, spiritual and mental areas of my life to have a truly awesome experience

My journey begins anew every day and lifts my soul to unimagined heights

I allow all things positive to enter my consciousness and smile with the universe

My universe is filled with wonder and excitement and I welcome each day with total adoration

All people are my friends and I have immeasurable pleasure in helping them lead the lives that they were born to have

I experience life with love and truth and move forward with open arms to the beauty that surrounds

I enjoy all creatures, plants and earthly materials

New technologies and information flows to me abundantly and I use these things for the betterment of myself and others

My life is a gift from the universe and I share it openly

Every decision I make is successful spiritually and personally

I am rich in my experiences

I find it easy to find the funds for the things that I enjoy and want

I live each day fully taking care of my spirituality, my mental outlook, my emotions and my physical person

I have a happy, caring open home which is accessible to family and friends

My home overlooks water and bushland and has the sounds of nature and laughter

I have a supportive, open, loving relationship with my family

My family and I share numerous activities which bring us closer together

I use my energy to improve my vitality of life and extend positive energy to all people for the purpose of emotional and spiritual healing

I meditate daily to keep my energy levels high

I choose the experiences that I want to have

I am grateful for the life that I live

I nurture my body with the freshest and safest foods

I continue to nourish my mind with enlightenment

I have all the money that I need to do the things that I want to do

This or something better is all I’m willing to accept


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