Bubble Theory

Now I am my true self the world seems lighter, brighter and friendlier. There is nothing that I cannot be, do or have.  I know that what I want is the feeling of having what I want.  Because why do I want it anyway?  You guessed it.  For the feeling.

I have a bubble theory that I would like to share here.  You will see the same effect under a microscope of the many minute particles that make up everything in the universe.

Bubbles blown from a bubble pipe will sail merrily into the atmosphere, bumping against each other only to bounce right away from each other or maybe even burst. Some will come back together and bump, bump, bump for a while (oooh wah!)  They may cling to each other and grow or dissolve.

Sometimes they will be as one bubble, never vearing from the very moment of creation to expiration. There are big bubbles and little bubbles.  Wonderful colourful bubbles when the brilliant sun shines through them.  All these bubbles are happily on their way to no-where doing the thing they like to do most – just being.  They never look back and second guess themselves, they just go with the flow oblivious to any distractions and whatever any other bubble is doing.

Take it easy, be kind to yourselves and each other and find enjoyment in each moment – it floats away ever so quickly.


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