Share what you know

It’s hard to explain what you know sometimes because you just know – everyone would have had one of those experiences where you just know.  Whatever it is, you just know!  You need to look out for them because it’ll be the universe calling – “are you listening?”

Usually we don’t trust our gut instincts.  We look for the hard and fast evidence and you cannot for the life of you convince anyone else.  That’s because they have their own knowing and usually it’ll be quite different to yours because…ta dum…they aren’t living your life.

Sorry, I just don’t buy into the facts anymore.  The line in the sand keeps on moving – what? the earth isn’t flat?! Call me naive if you wish but I’m sure I have everything I need right here with me and have had from the time I came in – otherwise it just doesn’t make sense.  If I need to know it I will, at exactly the right time.  “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.  How many of you know more now than you did when you came away from your formal education?  Because y0u didn’t need to know it then, or, if you did you had the opportunity to learn it – in perfect timing.

If people who are largely uneducated can still have the sun come up in the morning and the stars at night; the plants grow and the water flow;  and the wind blow and the seasons come and go.  They breath in and out just like me and have done from birth.  No amount of knowledge can stop your emotions, no amount of money can make us happy. What we came in with is what we go out with.   So – I’m trusting in me.  I encourage you to do the same.  Trust what you know.

Don’t get scared into thinking that we cannot think for ourselves and do not have a clue!  I strongly suggest that you stop watching the news for a start…..grappling for the same tiny bit of “bad” news splayed hour after hour on our airwaves.  All people are love, like you are love.  Sure their experience might be something different than yours at this time but I’m sure they didn’t come in plotting a bomb attack or planning a murder…their life has led them where they are.  Love, forgiveness, understanding – these things can mend.  Anyway, if you aren’t tuned in to their frequency you won’t be involved.  You know – to continue to telly concept – just like during the ratings, if not enough people are watching, the show will get axed!

That’s what I know.

If you get the chance please watch the movie Happy and put your set to good use.  I get happy just thinking about it!  Here’s a link to the trailer.  Also, check out my poem “Look Deep”.

Just syncronistically found this post on “Channeling Erik” further demonstrating my point.



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