Girls and Boys – please click

Did you feel the jar there? – you’re conditioned response.   “Girls and boys?”.   It should be “Boys and girls”.

I’m not here to subscribe to things that we’ve learned to accept as usual or “normal” – make no mistake,  we need to reprogram and feel free to begin our truths from this moment on.

Girls are wonderful bits of gear but so are boys.   Why do I use the lesser label instead of women or men? This also because of the picture of innocence that we can collectively agree upon.   Men and women are just as vulnerable and sweet as children don’t you “know” (you call that “think”).

This world would be a sad place without either of these elements.   All things correspond to and around them, both we admire and respond to.   Hold close to our hearts.  Cherish and adore.   Both can push our buttons and both can melt our hearts.

Why then the constant division of the wonder that are, essentially, people.  You are all people – firstly of this planet but also universally.

Let’s get this one straight and from there move onto other elements at play in lives.   Religion,  politics, race, colour, education – really not a long list.

It will take acceptance, appreciation, forgiveness and most of all love.   Would you like to come with – we’re going directly and we’d prefer you were there.

This isn’t a fight or a problem – it’s a lifestyle of choice – an existence no less.
Let’s call it “happy” and leave it right there.

This offering is from “Possum” my alter-ego (for want of a better word) who poked me in meditation so that they could contribute.  When they gave me the title I thought “what the!” but I am happy with the content and completely agree. (Just wanted me add “please click” – unbelievable!)

Now Possum wants a picture so here’s one I downloaded from a “Possum Extermination” website which I think amply represents my possum who is becoming quite vocal.  Lol  (Not saying you’re a pest Possum! hahaha)


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