Natural Laws and Shakespeare

I had two syncronistic moments yesterday.

I was reading about Natural Laws while riding the bus into town to see MacBeth and then seeing MacBeth!

I had never taken a lot of interest in Shakespeare so I didn’t really know the story of MacBeth apart from that it is a dark tragedy.  But watching the story unfold I could see how the Natural Laws were being played out.  Throw in a bit of another favourite of mine – the spirit world – and I was totally enthralled 🙂

And earlier I had been thinking about the concept of purchasing acreage with likeminded people and farming organic produce and the like and what it would take to get something like that going when I came across a link to the New Earth Nation on Santos Bonacci facebook page!  You must check this out if you’ve ever wondered where we are all heading. Here is a link.  I would love your thoughts on this.

Happy, thought provoking day in all.

Much love


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