Hello from Possum and “WORDS”

Our excitement at Earths progress is one of awe.  Good going.  We watch and wait for the just the right time for each and every development to manifest into the human group consciousness.  Of course it already exists and simply awaits your knowing to be enjoyed.

The energy that you feel vibrating and pulsing through your every thought and event invites you to proceed further with your ascension and reclaim your rightful state of joy.

Embrace each new speed bump along the way and know that these have been manifested by you so that you can savour the contrast of what they bring.  Making the enjoyment of your ascension a truly awesome and worthwhile event.

My host has had some out of sorts experiences this week which has highlighted some yet to be resolved issues laying dormant within her beingness.  These issues, although small, keep repeating in her thoughts.  She pushes them away to only have them return more vehemently the next instant.  She has manifested these situations so that it gives her the experience to easily move past future like issues which may interrupt the ascension process.  We truly never get it done – so relax and appreciate all that is.  That’s why you’re here, for the experience.

Lets go, lets go, lets go! (Boy that “lets” is a funny word! hahaha)

Enjoy our poem as we part and we are never far away.  Love, love, love


Blah Blah
Blah Blah Blah
Words are blah blah
Blah Blah Blah

They cannot even nearly say
All the things happening  today.
Like feeling all the joy and hope
And coming home from our elope

We ran for fear of missing out
Boy did we not figure out!

Figure out that love lives here
Right here right now
It was so near!

Our world is precious
This I know
And everyone can do and show
Appreciation from their core
That and much much much much more

Our words wreak havoc all the while
When really they should make us smile
Never use them needlessly
Even when speaking to a tree

All life can teach us who we are
And show each other from afar
The joy and peace we do desire
These are the things that lift us higher

A word of note before I go
I just want you all to know
My life is better in many ways
By using words to thank and praise


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