I began my love affair with Barbendensis Miller 27 years ago.  I was looking for a casual income stream after having my first baby and wanting to be a stay-at-home mum.  Of course, syncronistically, I came across what I first believed to be a cosmetic company.  It turned out that this companys’ product range was based around Aloe Vera.  Grace Cosmetics also known as Pro-ma Systems.

Through the use of these products which included an aloe juice I was able to clear a dermatitis on my face which I had endured until that time.

The problem/benefit of being well-informed is that I have been warry of other “products” containing Aloe Vera since that time because of the delicate and precise way the plant has be grown, harvested and processed to ensure any benefits if not harm from the plant.  (I found a technical site and will post below for those thus inclined).  As Grace Cosmetics is a Multi-level marketing company I have not seen their products for some time but am still very ready to blow their horn.

Instead now I grow the plant and use it topically, especially for burns.  As it is widely considered to be the closest plant organism to the human skin – including being 99.5% water –  it has many of the elements required to rejuvenate the skin tissue .


Fillet the leaf as you would a fish.  The clear gel in the centre is the thing we are looking for.  You will find a yellow gooey substance between the outer skin and the clear gel in the centre of the plant.  The yellow substance is quite poisonous especially if taken internally and serves to protect the plant from attack from insects.


Use it fresh.  Put a piece of the fillet onto the wound and wrap with cotton cloth.  The moisture will transfer from the gel to your skin – leaving a shrivelled up piece of debris.  Replace as required, usually every 4-6 hours.  Use for burns, stings, minor wounds, rashes.

I once picked up a hot light bulb and placed the gel from the plant on the burn and by the next morning my skin was a very healthy rosey red colour.   The pain went almost immediately.  This is just one of many burn stories I could tell.


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