This begins my research and knowledge of  Foods-For-Life.  I have always been interested in good food and nutrition and even so it has been hard in this fast paced world to dedicate myself to leaning towards the healthy rather than the convenient.

Being the mother of 5 children I have diligently worked to stay on track and adhere to the principals and foods that I know we should be eating – what our bodies want and need to sustain us until our eventual demise.  I would suggest giving yourself a break and do the best that you can.  The trouble with us human beings is we think that we deserve a “big” break…we just deserve.  And we do, but don’t rely on others to give to you, bring it about yourself.  I think that we all know instinctively what is right and wrong for our bodies – we can’t cop out on society and governments for not teaching us properly or presenting us with the right choices anymore.  We know.  What are we going to do about it?  We are a consumer driven society in case you hadn’t noticed.

What I have found over the years is that when we are eating nutritional foods we don’t need as much.  We are satiated/satisfied for longer.  Nibbling on nuts and only having healthy foods at our disposal are just some of the ways to go about it.  The picture above is my little lunch bag that I have with me at all time.  (I especially like it because it is made of recycled waste collected by Jakarta’s Trash Pickers).  I just put an ice brick in it and fill it with nuts, fruit, a sandwich, yoghurt, Roobos teabags, healthy treats (yoghurt covered fruit & nut bites are my favourite).  Sometimes curried egg, leftovers from last nights dinner, and green smoothies.  A can of sardines, a salad with apple and walnuts….brown paper packages tied up with string…..these are a few of my favourite things.  Hahahaha

I am putting together this series so that I can slowly,  surely and firmly implant into my wisdom health, food and medicinal values of the various foods, herbs, spices and even water.  Extending to how we can grow them to be the most flavoursome and high in nutritional value.  I invite you along for the journey 🙂

I hope you enjoy and maybe gain some valuable knowledge – it is going to be very important in the coming years and decades that we take control of our destinies and our bodies are going to play a pivotal part.  We need to be alert, awake, empowered which brings happiness – the thing that is going to create the world that we would like our future generations to live in.  It is a small ask.

As always I have a poem that covers this topic.  Much love.


Feel the wind in your hair
And the sun on your face
Consider this
Mother natures embrace

The grass is all green now
The sky is all blue
The stars in the sky
Say, boy I love you!

From sun up till sun down
And right through the night
Our mother adores us
Never gives up the fight

The fight for our well-being
The fight for our life
But She cuts to the chase
When she feels there is strife

She reminds us all harshly
So we won’t forget
When a community falters
With deep regret

Take heed for the future
For all the new souls
Being born to our loved ones
And their future goals

Mother earth needs to be nurtured
The same way you do
So unite in the fight
To see our way through


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