I have never been overly fond of celery and I usually throw away the leaves (which I didn’t like doing), the kids never took to it and it all seemed a bit nothing to me.  Turns out it is nothing in the calorie stakes and can also reduce weight and lower blood cholesterol!  Who knew.

Some other worthwhile benefits of this plant/herb are that it is a powerful antioxidant; the leaves help maintain healthy mucus membranes and skin and eye-sight; fresh celery is beneficial in the treatment of Alzheimers, for bones, heart rate and blood pressure; the essential oil is a soothing remedy for nervousness, osteoarthritis and gouty-arthritis; seeds and roots remove excess water through urine and help with breast milk.


Wash the leaves and stem in cold water in order to remove surface dirt, fungicide, and pesticides.  Seperate leaves and stalks.  Peel the outer tough skin on stalks.  Cut into cubes or slice it and rinse soon in lemon or orange juice to prevent oxidation.


Fresh leaf, root, and stalks used in salads, and stews; stalks as an accompaniment for dips (instead of biscuits); stalks in the lunchbox, fill with curried eggs; blend dried leaves with himalayan or sea salt to make celery salt; or use leaves and stalks in green juices.


Grow mid season – no extreme temperatures; any soil – prefers friable loam (don’t they all!); takes 10-12 weeks; lots of water; apply nitrogen and potassium 2 to 3 times during the growth.

See now, just this simple food/herb has become a favourite of mine.  Sometimes I have to shake my head at why we let these things escape our notice.

Also, I noted that care should be taken as with all homeopathic remedies for certain conditions.  This is further proof to me that natural remedies are equally as potent as the manufactured drugs we are doled out in pharmacies today 😦  It’s only been a hundred years yet we have forgotten their value.

I borrowed this picture from a fellow blogger twochancesvegplot so thank you very much.






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