I am taking the easy road on this one – I cannot say better than the below websites!  Seems excessive to some but when you get the facts on this amazing food – neither vegetable, fruit or animal (in it’s own food group) – you won’t wonder why there is a movement involved with it’s existence.


Button mushrooms are among the easiest types to grow.  Grow in trays of 15cm (6″) composted manure, add spores – this makes spawn.  Keep heated, cover with a wet cloth and spray/spritz often until the tiny roots appear.  Then cover the spawn with 2.5cm (1″) of potting soil.  Grow in dark, cool, moist, and humid environments.  A heating pad might be useful.

You should see mushrooms appear 3-4 weeks in. To harvest cut the stalks with a sharp knife – do not pull them up.  A crop will give you mushrooms for 6 months harvesting every day.


Here’s a simple mushroom soup recipe:-

Cook leeks in butter, add garlic and cook 1 min, add mushrooms and cook 2 mins.  Sprinkle over some flour and cook for 1 min.  Add stock gradually (4 cups).  Reduce the heat and simmer on low for 5 mins.  Cool and puree until smooth.  Stir in cream and reheat.  Meanwhile melt extra butter and cook extra mushrooms for 2 mins.   Top with crumbled goat cheese, extra mushrooms and cracked black pepper.  Yuuummmm

Of course, as with all food, they’re much better for us raw – as Mother Nature intended.


Feel the wind in your hair
And the sun on your face
Consider this
Mother natures embrace

The grass is all green now
The sky is all blue
The stars in the sky
Say, boy I love you!

From sun up till sun down
And right through the night
Our mother adores us
Never gives up the fight

The fight for our well-being
The fight for our life
But She cuts to the chase
When she feels there is strife

She reminds us all harshly
So we won’t forget
When a community falters
With deep regret

Take heed for the future
For all the new souls
Being born to our loved ones
And their future goals

Mother earth needs to be nurtured
The same way you do
So unite in the fight
To see our way through


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