A letter for Jenny

Dearest sister Jenny, Gail would like to let you know that God is with you at this time and, as ever, waits patiently and with much love for you to ask for Her love and assistance. You will know that there are many bright spirits gathered around you – guides to help you find your way out of the fog that surrounds you, and guardians to protect you and keep you safe while you are gathering information and experimenting with this life. You’ll also see demons who can be cleverly trying to assure you that you are one of them. These lost souls seem to have all the answers….they do not. Faith is ever present in all of us, whether it be a faith in God or a faith in something else such as ‘life isn’t fair’ – it is the wee small voice resolutely playing in the background of our lives. The thing about that faith is, whatever it is, it consumes us and will not allow any other faith to enter us while it is present. Of late she has found that a faith in an all loving, merciful God has lead her out of the fog and allows her to see the brilliant angels that surround her and all of the possibilities available to us in this life and the next. Yes, God has rules and, yes, it will involve looking at your emotions, forgiving and repenting, caring and sharing; but in the end all that matters is an infinite love and just existence for all Her children. Your unique soul mate is nearby and once you reach a certain condition of love, you will to be magnetically attracted to each other, reaching new heights of existence – for if you exist now, you always will. This earthy life is but a kindergarten, a playground of sorts – as we know there can be bullies in the playground but there can also be many good friendships to be made. It’s all up to you and the will your Father/Mother God has graciously bestowed in you. Know that He remains your greatest fan and dearest love, and He is the one true answer to all life’s questions. Sending much love, Gail.
Please enjoy my story.
This is the tale of two lost souls.

One of these souls spent their entire life in limbo waiting
for the precise moment of joy to appear.

The other lost soul cried into the wind “Why am I so alone in
the world! I do fear?”

These souls lamented throughout their existence…
They wanted joy.
They wanted love.
They wanted happiness.
And they wanted “someone” to provide it for them.

Their days were long.
Their hearts were empty.
Their songs were sad.
And they wanted “someone” to fix it for them.

The day finally came when they could bear it no more.
Desperately they sobbed … “who there can help me!”
And the answer appeared as clearly and crisply as I’m
relating to you. From out of the ether came a thought that
rang true “Take back your power… the answer is you!”

So much weight was lifted that day and they became giddy and
felt light on their feet….as each of us should. They moved
slowly with only joy in their hearts. Smelling the flowers
and talking to trees. Saying “I love you” to all that they

Their joy seemed contagious and so …..When these souls
collided there was only reflection of all that they felt and into each others arms they did melt!

To this day they continue to carry the torch and tell all a story
so sweet. It is the most amazing tale of two lost souls and
how they did meet.


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