The players have been played

Warning, it starts off a bit rough but
well worth the look. It's times like
these I like to shout-out the co-creation!
Plus I think I've been watching too much
Owen Benjamin. Thanks Owen - and I mean that

We are the revolution!
We are the ones who rule!
We will not be beaten!
So fuck off you big fat tool!

What’s that you say, you dickhead
You really are a fool!
Why should we even consider
All that shit that you do drool!

Wait, what happened to my Youtube!
The one with all my shit
Someone’s playing games with me
I’m taking a big, bloody hit!

It’s all a load of bullshit
The stuff I put out there
Can’t you take a joke, mate
You’ve got me pulling out my hair!

I’m taking a closer look now
At what that dickhead said.
He said we’ve all been played;
Lied to; messing with our heads!

The game is one we’re used to
Of lies and manip-u-lation
We take their cues and work it
To hide our agitation

We can’t control the world out there
We hide behind our screens
Thinking we are better
Than everyone, it seems

So, he says to pull together
And let’s all get un-schooled
We can all be on the same side
And then we won’t be ruled

They can’t take away our sovereignty;
Our love; Our care and charity
Our patience; and our kindness
And, especially, empathy

Empathy can guide us
And keep us free from domination
Give us back our freedom
And get a well-deserved vac-a-tion

We think we rule the play
It couldn’t be further from the truth.
If we all choose to know more;
And never be aloof
We can all become aware
And find ourselves the proof.

If we just accept what we are told;
And fear we will be swayed
Then you can all expect
That us players will be played.

Max Igen - Everything is a lie


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