I’ll talk to ya one day soon :)

Hi everyone. Kurt is our leader in mental illness at this time – going through the system offered to us. We can all assist him by looking at our own emotional issues – bringing them forward and acknowledging them; and desiring healing – change the attractions around us all.

I ask you to see his greatness and have appreciation for his courage; and not focus on any desperation in his situation. Where we put out attention we manifest –  when we get lost in it. Think back and you will see the truth in that.

It’s more than positive affirmations – that’s a band aid. I’m talking the healing of allowing, acknowledging and releasing – requires repentance and forgiving. Repentance for things we have done from our injuries and forgiving those that have contributed to those injuries. Some of the repentance would be considered loving to the human brain but is often the pushing against of situations that remind you of the childhood you; and not allowing them to be present in your family’s lives. It’s still there, you’ve just decided to push against – it pushes back and projects out – like the carrier of a virus – until you finally decide to do the work.

Anyway, I’ve said more than I wished to already. I just wanted to address the situation and reach out for the help we all need at this time…. and yet there’s more!


Forgive from your heart
Let It heal your life
Nothing can hold you
Like a fair bit of strife

The hardest to get through
Are the things that We do
Known only by us
Yet they can still puss

They fester and grow
And live on all the while
With each new day.
It gets harder to smile

Your greatness is here now
Lets show them all how
When love is involved
Much can be solved

The love that you are
Lays buried deep inside
Just waiting for the hate to subside

Loved ones cannot help you
Only you can mend
All the hurt and despair that you still defend

Your spirit is calling
For you to be free
Forgiveness is golden
And I’m sure you’ll agree
There is nothing nicer
That you’d like to be

So forgive and move on now
And then you will see
All the good things that life brings
Known to more than just me


‘Listen’ – from the Mental Health Service booklet to family and carers

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