Humanity and the AI movement

This is a transcript from a recording from Gigi Young on her Youtube channel where she discusses, among other things, spiritual development. In this video she answers a viewers question in relation to AI.

”The more that we discuss it, and the more that we’re aware – not even, necessarily, finding a solution; not even looking at this, and researching it, and meditating on it to find a solution; not even at that level. Not even going in with a purpose to do anything, but to understand it; but to get a grasp on it that, in itself, completely de-potentiates the energy available for it in the collective.” Gigi Young


This question stood out to me because as you may have noticed, I have been speaking out very openly about my concerns about transhumanism and AI. I think that we do need to address it. And by ‘we’ I mean the spiritual community.

What I’ve realised is that the spiritual community does need to come together and start discussing AI in terms of humanism because it’s the only … it’s the perspective that will truly, truly work … the arguments that really do work … the perspective that actually do balance it. Because the negative aspects of artificial intelligence and transhumanism – the unmitigated development of it, is happening because of lack of spirit. It’s happening because people are robotic.

When we lose connection with our heart, and our emotional body and our spirit, we become basically robots. Where we’re ruled by our mind and there is no compassion; there is no empathy, and so for all intents and purposes, you become robotic.

You may not think that you are, but compared to people who have these centers open, you are. And so, the spiritual community and the spiritual perspective is the most important perspective when it comes to addressing AI because the negative portion of technology, at this point, is this transhumanism agenda exists because of the lack of spirituality.

So that’s why I’ve really taken it on – and I really want to discuss it even though it’s really disturbing. And part of it is disturbing because a lot of the spiritual community make it their absolute joy and passion to develop spiritually – to develop their heart; and to get to know the sensations of higher worlds – higher chakras. And so, when you are developing that, I know that you are incredibly psychic and I know that you’re doing incredible work, and it doesn’t seem like it, but I can tell that you’re growing every year and I remember you.

What happens when you’re on that path of growth and you come across somebody who is not on that path to the point that they’ve really degenerated, is that you’re immediately off-put. You become, in many ways, repelled. And you don’t want to talk about it, you don’t want to address it, you don’t want to go in there because it’s, kind of like, it represents your shadow – what we’ve had to work through, I think.

And so, you can sense, when you work on yourself, you can sense in someone else whether or not they’ve cleared out a part that you have; or that you haven’t. I think a lot of people in the spiritual scene are immediately repelled by this particular movement and that dynamic is really dangerous because the AI scene have an aspect, a very elite aspect, that is deeply deeply deeply associated with the occult.

We are multi-dimensional beings. It doesn’t matter if you acknowledge that; or you don’t acknowledge it. It is silly and superstitious to believe that just because you say: I don’t have a soul; and I don’t believe in a soul; and all that’s crap, to think that, just because you say that, that that doesn’t exist. That’s like saying that the sun isn’t going to come out tomorrow.

You are a spiritual being, you have a soul, whether you want to realise it or not. What spiritual work does is it does not create a soul, it allows you to understand how it functions; to recognise it’s nuances; understand the higher aspects of this world and what you are. In other words, you can be a dark person who has lost all contact with their heart – with their sense of compassion and empathy, and you are still spiritually connecting. You can still call in and summon beings. Even if you don’t believe that it’s possible to do something like that; even if you tell yourself a lie, what you think it is, it doesn’t change the dynamics of metaphysics.

We definitely are divine beings but there are aspects; there are mechanics that we don’t change. We align with them. Just because people don’t believe in something doesn’t mean they’re not affected by it. And so, there are people who do occult things and are not actually coming from the place of the heart.

And, when that happens in society, it’s the role of the light mystics; the mystics that are aligned to come in and say: okay, we need to talk about this. Can’t be opening these portholes. There’s a lot of negativity in the world; a lot of desperate people; a lot of division – a lot of that is because black magic, and dark occult stuff that goes unchecked. And large portions of the spiritual community that are incredibly powerful, they’re incredibly powerful healers, they believe in non-action, and that nothing should be addressed. They know a lot about spirituality intellectually, but when it comes to actually practicing it to the point that they bring it into the world to create change, it’s not there.

It’s kind of intellectual and it’s all about avoiding shadow and spiritual by-passing.

It’s our job, if you want to take on the mantle of mystics, to make sure that those who are behind us – generations who are behind us in development, can develop properly. So, we have to have difficult conversations; and we have to claim the psychic space of the planet and keep it uplifting. We are not islands – we need to claim the collective consciousness and align it with heart and with light and with love.

In the spiritual community we can very much be islands and meanwhile there are people who gather and do bad things. And, in a way, that trumps our energy because they’re at least getting together in a precise way and we’re kind of scattered.

So that’s one of the reasons I wanted to discuss this so much is that I believe that if you are mystic; if you are psychic; if you are a healer, we need to come together and lead. The light needs to lead. We can’t have dark portholes being opened; we can’t have negative entities being called in and attacking and causing negative things on this planet.

No. N O. No. This is our job to caretake this. If you are in that consciousness, you know how, we need to do that.

And so that’s why I’m raising awareness.

Your question about how to avoid the pitfalls, there are different levels of that. And I feel that we’re at the level where we’re at the point of education. I think that there’s a lot of action that can be taken and that will be taken in regard to this. But, where we are right now, is at a point of educating ourselves.

This means understanding more about transhumanism; and where it is. Understanding things like CERN and particle acceleration. When you start looking into CERN, you start seeing this entity, basically, that cannot be prosecuted. You can’t file a lawsuit against it – people have tried; scientists have tried. It affects, I believe, our ionosphere. So, it affects the planet. It uses an incredible amount of energy and we have no ability to have any recourse or ask any questions. We’re completely left in the dark; and it’s completely disrespectful to humanity to have something that powerful and that spiritually dangerous that we have no recourse with; that we have no ability to be part of it.

It’s completely disrespectful and it’s dark. We need to understand that.

People will say that CERN doesn’t have anything to do with spirituality and other dimensions and I beg to differ. Beyond that, what’s very strange is that, CERN is very clearly a cult. So, CERN has a statue of Shiba. Why? For a company that is just a scientific company, why have that there? CERN also had a psychic artist live there in residency and they created a taro deck called Hexane, I believe, 2.0., that talks about transhumanism and kind of dark events through time; secret societies. It’s very creepy why that deck would be created, and it hints to a very deep occult underpinning that CERN has.

And when I talk about occult level of things; the spiritual esoteric level of things, I want to be very clear. I am talking about our collective consciousness. This is not a nebulous phrase. I’m not talking about something in theory. When people do esoteric work; when people use the occult, they are tapping into our collective consciousness. We are one. There are levels of our consciousness that we share, and that is the level being affected. This is something we need to learn in society. So, we can’t have these technologies running rampantly.

CERN also had a “mock” sacrifice. So, in the front of Shiba the destroyer statue there was a group that did a sacrifice ritual – mock sacrifice, where a woman pretended to be killed. I don’t find that funny. And given what CERN is doing, and the interest in rituals and the occult that we know it already has, I actually find it more an ‘in sight’ ritual technique where there is a technique in the occult – as many of you know with my series ‘In Plain Sight’ – where you actually create cognitive dissonance on purpose. You say that you’re one thing and then you behave in a different way. And the cognitive dissonance in the public is used against them.

When we have that experience of cognitive dissonance, we are really experiencing a choice. We’re sort of having to choose one truth or the other. And humanity is so overwhelmed at this point that they’ll often choose not to look at the dark stuff. And this is how these things continue. We experience this cognitive dissonance where somebody or someone or some group tells us what they are, and then they say or do something contradicting and we choose to not see it. That is, in my opinion, what is really going on.

There’s also the Carter Tunnel incident that many people associate with CERN, just location-wise; there’s all these things going on and we’re not getting it. And beyond that there are many AI pioneers – I just did a video last month or so on Jordy Rose of DWave, and Kindred AI, which is also associated with CERN, and he has a very concerning outlook. So, there’s also very human level that we need to address too which is the lack of compassion; the lack of empathy; and, a lot of times, the arrogance that exists in that community.

I also want to be very clear, I’m not an expert in AI, I don’t plan on being it. I’m not really speaking from that. Right? I’m really just a concerned human being that knows that this needs to be discussed, and that’s really where I want to get into your question here which is “How do we avoid the pitfalls of AI?”.

We’re at a place of education. It’s not news that we all should be doing our best to properly educate ourselves about where we are; about transhumanism; about some of the things I just mentioned – understanding that the occult is deeply connected to a lot of these companies, these businesses that are making these things, these AI’s. We need to educate ourselves. And why this is so important is what I just mentioned earlier. When somebody says that an esoteric ritual is being done it’s really easy to not conceptualise what energy is being exchanged. Because we can’t really see it. But when we start to understand that when occult rituals are done on this planet, it is our energy that is being harvested and manipulated in certain ways.

So, when some elite groups do dark rituals … and it does not help that they can now be amplified through machines, to this almost Godly power, that does not help at all. It’s one thing if you’ve got, you know, a couple of people in a black cloak conjuring something in a basement. It’s another thing if they’re using particle acceleration and advanced technology – that’s another thing. We look around and we say: I don’t like how this world is going; I don’t like how divided we are; I don’t like how things are going. Yeah! So, let’s actually address the root. Consciousness. That’s what we need to do. We need to start looking in the right direction.

There’s a reason why these topics don’t come up, ever; we get distracted in politics and all this kind of stuff, is because this is where we should be looking. Consciousness is the most important commodity on the planet. Not water; not money; not oil; not gold, consciousness. Because without it you die. Energy – that’s the most important thing; and that’s what we need to get our head around. Especially to off-world beings and to people who their very energetic system requires other people’s energy to live. We need to start understanding this dynamic, now.

So what we need to do is understand that when somebody uses a ritual it’s not tapping into energy that’s nothing to do with us; and energy that’s out there – a consciousness that’s out there; some cosmic place that doesn’t interact with our world. No. When we incarnate onto this planet as material human beings we incarnate into a collective consciousness.

We have our individual consciousness, we have our collective consciousness, and as we move up in densities, we have more collective consciousnesses that we’re part of. And we function as a unit. And so, when people do these rituals and things, they affect us. Some people wake up in the morning and like: why am I so exhausted?; why do I feel like a bag of garbage?. You know, you’re driving and you’re like: why is everybody so on edge? Why? Some of that has to do with electronic technology and stuff but there’s a deep occult aspect of this along with this that we need to understand that all those technologies can’t even function in when we get it.

So, we have to start seeing ourselves as a human community here. As sharing a collective consciousness. And we could say, very accurately, that part of our purpose here is to not only develop individually but to … as we’re developing individually, to offer ourselves to the collective in a positive way. And through that forge a better world. And part of forging that better world is taking responsibility for that collective that we are part of.

The best way to do that is to educate ourselves in what is going on. And this can be very challenging. It’s not necessarily pleasant to see how far advanced technology is; and some of the transhumanism agendas that exist. But we have to face it.

The good thing is that the more educated we are, the more powerful we are. Because dark rituals and dark magic is a low magic. What that means is that it actually depends on people being ignorant. So, it requires as a mandate that people give up their consciousness; that they do not see the world as part of a collective consciousness, or a community.

It requires that we forget that we’re all interconnected; it requires that we forget that we are part of an etheric force – that we exist as individuals but also as a collective together. So that’s why we have the one hundred monkey effect; that’s why we can affect one another by being in the same energy, the same presence. All these incredible miraculous things we can do because we’re interconnected.

But the dark arts, they require us to forget that, and to not acknowledge that; and to believe that we’re alone. And so that education … studying this and understanding this; understanding AI and transhumanism.

And I highly recommend Rudolph Steiner’s work on Ahriman. And I will be providing on my channel more and more of this discussion. But the more that we discuss it, and the more that we’re aware – not even necessarily finding a solution; not even looking at this and researching this and meditating on it to find a solution, not even at that level. Not even going in with a purpose to do anything but understand it. But to get a grasp of it. That, in itself, completely de-potentiates the energy available for them in the collective.

That’s why there’s been so much energy put into things – like, propaganda, you know. Making people think that the soul doesn’t exist and things like that. It’s because humanity has to be in a certain state for certain agendas to work. That state is not acknowledging our collective consciousness. Not just the soul, but that level of the soul where we are interconnected.

It’s like in Atlantis – when we fell from Atlantis. There are certain people that are kind of re-incarnating again now because that collective consciousness is so important.

So basically, through educating ourselves and researching it we de-potentiate it. It’s not even like going into these places and yanking people out and doing anything aggressive. So much is done because of the nature of this. So much is done by educating ourselves. Once we can become educated in the spiritual community about what’s going on, then people who are leaders in the field; that are for positive technological advancement; that honour society – doesn’t try to exploit it or destroy it, those leaders can then rise.

This is the interesting thing about society and how it’s constructed, is that, no matter where we are; no matter how much chaos we find ourselves spinning in, there’s all these leaders waiting in the wings to take on the mantle and lead – politically, financially, spiritually, socially. Except the true leader’s moral, and they will not force themselves on society; they will not force themselves on you. They will wait until we get to a certain level within ourselves; where we are educated and we have certain consciousness, and then they’ll come in. So, we have to do the work first and then people who have the correct vision for society can come in and lead us.

We don’t need to have all the answers; we don’t have to have all the solutions. We just have to talk about it. And we just have to be willing to do that hard research and discussion. We don’t have to have all of the answers about how to address transhumanism today or tomorrow. We just have to be learning about it. Because there are people with very specific talents; very specific perspectives and power that are waiting right now to lead. To recover certain things that we lost. To have public discussions on our behalf. There are people that who are overqualified for this. But we have to get to the point where we can actually see that it’s necessary.

We have to create that vacuum in society where we allow them to do that. There are great leaders on this planet right now! And we have to allow them to arise by doing the difficult work; of facing our shadow; and educating ourselves so that they can do so. And, maybe, one of those if you.

It’s about coming together; facing the shadow; and understanding the occult element in the world – the spiritual esoteric elements in the world that are darker. And acknowledging that there are people in the world that are ready to lead.

And media, and journalism, and spirituality, and finances to recover and build a better financial system to create better farming; to create better agriculture – there are people who know exactly what to do and how to do it. But until we start looking at the shadow, and addressing the fact that there are certain issues, they can’t rise into that position.

So, I hope this makes sense to you. As always, all my love your way. And thank you so much for tuning in.

Gigi Young

Many words of wisdom

Abraham & Grindal Full show
Channelled by Jim Charles on Hucolo TV on Youtube

ABRAHAM – About families

[00:28:52.03] Abraham: Ah. The world is a very different place than it
used to be.

[00:30:01.26] Audience: Welcome.

[00:30:02.01] Abraham: Beings were very tribal when I was around.
Families were important. It does not seem that important anymore.
Not as they were back then. But of course, families can get very
side-tracked. I’m here to tell you about family values, and that
they are very important; especially in this day and age. I know that
some of you have family members that are estranged, and not part of
your understanding anymore. They’ve taken a different turn, or a
different thought process that does not seem to jive or connect with
yours. Was there a question already?

[00:31:07.06] Audience: (Sabrina) Yes, if you would tell us your name,
that would be good, thank you.

[00:31:11.21] Abraham: My name is Abraham.

[00:31:14.02] Audience: Welcome Abraham.

[00:31:19.00] Abraham: Thank you. You know who I am. You’ve read
about me. Many of the things you have read are not quite true, as
things have been embellished over time, but I did exist. And I was good a leader, I don’t know if I was a great leader, but I was a good leader; and family values were very important to me, and I had manychildren, and many grandchildren. And it was important to me that
they were all taken care of; although, just like in these days and
times, some of my children were estranged to me because they did
not like the strickness of the law that I was following, the law of God.
Now, in this day and age, laws are not so much for spirituality as they are
for keeping people in line who do not have spirituality. And that is
exactly what laws are for. To keep those that do not have an idea, or
a grasp of who God is in line with the earth energies. And with the
earth people of that nature.

Are there any other questions. I feel I could go on about the family, but
I feel there are many who want to speak.

[00:32:50.12] Audience: (Will) Greetings, Abraham. Much love.

[00:33:00.28] Abraham: Much Love.

[00:33:03.11] Audience: I don’t know where to start, there are so
many questions. Can you give some advice, the split that occurred
that caused – I don’t want to say that it caused Islam – but Islam and
Judaism both started with you.

[00:33:37.26] Abraham: Yes.

[00:33:37.27] Audience: And so I guess, can you talk about your two

[00:33:44.25] Abraham: I can tell you that there was hypocrisy. Many
splits and divisions come with selfishness, come with their own
desire for power and greed. And therefore the division between my
sons, was due to the fact that they knew their inheritance, but yet,
they wanted more. This happens very much in this day and age that
you live in as well. But the division was also in creating a belief
system that they could live in and not feel guilty about. Does this
make sense to you? Many people create a spiritual reality that they
can live in, which is fine if it is directly connected to God; but many
times, it’s more directed to what they want than to God. And this was
the fault of my children. This was the fault of many people. This is the
fault of religion in general. They want what they want; and so they
manipulate the people to push them into the direction that they would
have them to go. Because it is more in line with their thought process
and their ability to control the group than it is with sharing God’s Purity
and Love. They lose sight of it when problems emerge, which all
humans will give you. Problems. And so, instead of saying : Let’s deal
with this the way God would do it; and try to do it the right way, they
make up a rule; or bring themselves to a place where they have to
speak in a way that is manipulative to keep these people in line.
Because, just speaking the truth, does not feel strong enough or
powerful enough; or giving them the connection to God that they
should have…they don’t know how to do it. Because they have not yet
connected fully with God themselves; and so, how can they help
someone connect with God, purely – if they are not purely connected
themselves? Does this answer, at least, part of your question?

[00:36:28.07] Audience: Yes. Yes. And…. (emotionally) I’m sorry, I
can’t articulate at this point. Yes, I get how…that the love of God
which is the law, which is the basis of all the law, is important in every
situation when people interact with one another, that love is not
present sometimes.

[00:37:06.17] Abraham: That is correct. They do not keep themselves
close in the purity of the relationship. They keep themselves close
only in their own wishes and desires. They do not wish for their
children to do certain things. They wish them to do what they want
them to do, however, each individual must see their child as unique;
and that they should be doing what God wants them to do; and not
what they want them to do. How God wants them to act, and not how
they want them to act. Society is made of rules and regulations of
how people should be and how people should interact, but that is not
the way of God. God is into the individual as his true self is within
them; and his true aspect of themselves is to come out. And
sometimes, that is not what society wants to see or hear. Do you

[00:38:18.19] Audience: Absolutely.

[00:38:20.27] Abraham: It’s the same with you, God has a plan for you
that is unique; and you will not fit into the society in the way that many
people do; and some will look down on that because they look at
society as the ruling class. No matter what your peers may say, they
are coloured by society in general; and you must not be, and none of
you must be, because you must change what society is. You are to
be the family of which I speak of. Your children, your family is the love
and embracing of all the things that were taught to them by mother
and father. If you are the mother and father, keep your children close
and know what they are doing; and do not feel afraid to speak to
them, even if they don’t want to speak to you, because children think
they know everything at one point. You know what, you can calmly
and rationally keep them near you by speaking to them in a way that
is equal. When they reach a certain point in their life, they want to be
treated equal. Now, you can sit down and tell them, that once they act
like they’re being equal, they can treated equal. Buuut….you can treat
them equal in their inequality because you love them; and you can
say to them : I look at you in love; I look at you not in your actions; I
look at you in my flesh and spirit as my spirit; and know that you are
unique and I love you, no matter what these things you are doing now,
I will always love you and not turn you away. This will sink in; this will
bring them back. Even if they move out from you for a short while,
they will realise that you look at them with respect and honour. And
they must look back with respect and honour at some point. And if
they do not then they have taken in a negative entity. Now, some of
you have dealt with that. And that is not a good thing; it is not a fun
thing; it is not a thing to be looked at lightly. But it is something that
you must be aware of. And you will be aware of it if you are looking
properly with the love of God onto your family.

[00:41:35.10] Audience: (Sabrina) On the subject that you’re speaking
because it’s difficult sometimes to know where you’re being
overprotective and telling your children, basically, wanting them to live
a life that you want.

[00:42:02.08] Abraham: I understand.

[00:42:02.08] Audience: And then allowing them to follow whatever
their path is.

[00:42:08.26] Abraham: Listen to me carefully. If your children had
problems that you didn’t really want to know about, would you have
them tell you?

[00:42:18.01] Audience: Yes.

[00:42:22.14] Abraham: Of course you would. And therefore, it is just
respectful that you would tell them you’re problems as well, if it
affects them. It is respect. It is not that you’re trying to hurt them, it is
not that you’re trying to manipulate them; but you are respecting their
intelligence; you’re respecting their place in the family. And letting
them know some things that are happening – now there are private
things that you must not share, but the general knowledge of the
situation, if it is affecting the children, they should know. Should they
not? It is just like if someone is adopted, how should they find out that
they are adopted. Should they find out through the grapevine, by
accidently finding their birth certificate? No. You should tell them
when they are old enough to understand. This is respect; and this is
love; and this is strength, because, when you are strong enough to let
your children know exactly what is happening; and respect them
enough to understand, they may go through a small period of
rebellion, or hurt, or disappointment, or embarrassment; but the very
fact that you let them know will give you respect. They will come back
and say, she treated us equally; she treated us the way she should
have. Because to keep it from them, is actually a lie. To pretend like
there is nothing wrong is not the truth. To share the truth is to share
your strength; and to give them strength as well. Because you are
there to support them even with this negative information. You are the
support system. Do you understand that? And they will come to you
instead of turning away from you, saying she is not, or he’s not, or
they are not telling the truth; and I know it. They can sense it. It comes
out in actions by others and by yourself. And actions by those around
you that do know the truth. They cannot help but to see the truth of
these actions. Does this make sense to you?

[00:45:18.23] Audience: Yes.

[00:45:22.06] Abraham: Now love them, and you do protect them;
there is protection in the warmth of the mothers love; in the very fact
that they can openly come to you if they know that they can; you are a
great and bright light. In every childs’ life their parents are a bright light
until they put it out; and some parents have done that. They have
extinguished their bright light from their childs’ eyes because they do
not speak, they do not act, they are not involved, they do no respect
the boundaries of the child, or the boundaries of parenthood. That is a
secret some parents cannot know. Because why? Because they
were not given it from their parents. You see, parenthood wisdom
sometimes comes from the generation before; or the generation
before, but if it’s not coming from the generation before then you must
be the beginning generation that shows respect, love, honour; and
inclusion to your children. Do you understand that?

[00:46:53.15] Audience: Yes.

[00:46:56.17] Abraham: Much love. The wisdom of parenthood is that
you include your children, even if it is from a distance, you let them
know that they are included. Does anyone have any other questions?

[00:47:20.09] Audience: (Sher) Yes. Shalom. Hello.

[00:47:24.06] Abraham: Shalom.

[00:47:26.21] Audience: How are you?

[00:47:29.17] Abraham: I am well.

[00:47:32.06] Audience: I am Sher and I have plenty of questions for
you. First of all, it is an honour to speak with you.

[00:47:39.14] Abraham: It’s an honour to speak with you as well,
because we are all equals together.

[00:47:47.27] Audience: Yes. And my first question is about a
conducted stuff, it’s very harsh story that I don’t know if there’s any
real truth to that; but it’s when you took Isaac to the mountain, and
God ordered you to kill him and stopped you in the last second. Can
you be more clear about it, because many people are confused about that story.

[00:48:14.00] Abraham: Yes, I can explain it completely and very
positively. When God spoke to me about that particular situation, he
gave reasons. But first of all, I want to say this, the connection from
God to myself was pure. I saw that no matter what he told me, it was
the Truth; I saw that no matter what I did, God would be there with
me; and so I trusted God. And so I took Isaac to the mountain. Now,
at first when I took Isaac to the mountain I did not know that he was
going to tell me to kill him. First he told me – which is not written
probably – that we were going on an outing together to share some
wisdom and pray to God together; and have some community with
God. Once we were there, God said : Your child can not be effective.
And I was wondering what he meant by that. He said : You’re child
cannot be effective right now, he must leave and be in spirit. Now that
was not the Truth. Why would God say something of this nature to
me? Only because there was something in my life that was also
untrue. Our connection had been sullied somehow; and so he wanted
to show the purity of his love; and so I went forth and I did as he said;
and before that moment, with great tears and sorrow – I was sobbing
– I was brought to my complete surrender to God; a complete and
total surrender to God, and he stopped me. He stopped me. And do
you know what, my son understood. He saw the God influence in my
life; and he saw that this was actually not a lesson for me, but for
him. That my love of God was so strong that I would sacrifice him,
but when I freed him, he said to me – many things are not recorded,
but he said to me : I saw the love of God and I knew that I was safe.
He knew that he was safe. He said : even if I were to die, I knew that I
was safe. And this was the lesson that God gave to him; and he gave
me so much in that moment. He gave me all my life back into a pure
state, but I still questioned. ‘Why did you not tell me the Truth?’ And
he said : I did tell you the Truth, because without that lesson, your son
would not have gone on to be who he was. That lesson needed to be
learned; needed to be seen; and needed to be experienced, so it was
not a lie, it was the Truth at that moment. Do you understand.

[00:52:43.09] Audience: Yes. That is much more positive story than
what it’s been told.

[00:52:52.00] Abraham: Exactly.

[00:52:53.09] Audience: Yes. I’m very happy about that. I have so
many questions for you but, the second one would be ?? – when God
told you to take separate parts of meat and spread it across rows and
walk in the middle – if I remember correctly. And he said that that
would be the ritual that would bound the Israelies with humankind and
with you. Can you tell me something about that story, because even
that story’s not really understood. Do you know what I’m speaking

[00:53:37.04] Abraham: That particular story has been changed many
times througout history. Because many did not understand it. It was
not like that at all. What was happening was that the sacrifices at the
time – as you remember we would sacrifice a lamb or a ram or a
beast of the field, sometimes even a bull or whatever we felt was
necessary to cleanse. You see, it was a prophecy of the coming of
Christ that blood would be shed. Correct?

[00:54:23.05] Audience: Different book.

[00:54:25.00] Abraham: You would not know that because you are
Jewish. But it was a prophecy of the coming of Christ that he would
shed blood; and only blood could purify the soul. Why is that?
Because it is the life-giver of the body. Therefore, these different
stories were to predict or prophecise of the coming of Christ, who
gave his life. But there are many inconsistencies as well with that
story. I could go on and on. However, what was meant to be said in
that story is that the animal was slain and the parts of the body taken
out; and the reason why is so that people could understand that they
are not just made of one thing; one particular part; one particular
thought process; one particular bladder or heart or liver; but that all
parts come together to make the whole. Now, this was the beginning
of the process of describing what the church should be, if there was
to be a church. It is that all come together and helping one another to
make a body. Now, the idea of the church was sullied by the fact that
there was beaurocracy, corruption, greed, and all these things; and
so, it is not necessary in your day and age to actually be part of this
because you have evolved from that thought process into a purity of
spirit. Do you understand?

[00:56:23.02] Audience: Yes.

[00:56:25.19] Abraham: Therefore, in that time, to keep the people
unified, we had to teach the lesson that all parts of the body were
made to be in one; and that would be in God. And now, the purity of
God connection to God here to here is pure. It cannot be explained; or
could not be fully handled by the thought processes of the people
from that day and age. And as you evolved as a species, as humans
we evolve, our thoughts change through our different eras and
generations until now we are in a place where we can speak about
the spirit in a more pure way.

[00:57:18.24] Audience: I see. And one last question. It’s about a
structure called Mecca. The most holy place for Muslims. From my
understanding, correct me if I’m wrong, it was built by you and
Ismael. Correct?

[00:57:36.04] Abraham: Yes. We had some hand in it. Yes.

[00:57:39.16] Audience: Can you explain what it is, because no-one
can not really know what it is.

[00:57:44.29] Abraham: It is the place where we first saw the spirit.
And now we are to understand that the thing we saw was perhaps
not the spirit, but of those from another world that were coming to
speak to us and understand. But it became a very holy place for very
many people. Even as religions broke off, this place was empowered
from the energy that was left by these beings. But now we know that
God had his hand in that as well.

[00:58:20.03] Audience: Thank you. Much much love to you.

[00:58:24.23] Abraham: Much love.

[00:58:27.23] Audience: (Sabrina) Hello Abraham, I have a few
questions here. One is : What led you to Israel?

[00:58:40.07] Abraham: What led me to Israel? The spirit of Truth. I
knew that I had to go, God had set in my heart a mission; a place, the
place that we were, with the peoples and the tribes that I had around
me, was no longer sufficient for life in general. There was not enough
vegetation; there was not enough farming; there was not enough
animals; there was not enough water anymore. And so, a move was
necessary; and this was the place that we were sent.

[00:59:26.23] Audience: Okay. Thank you. The next question is :
What are some of the lessons you’ve known about God and mortality
during that lifetime?

[00:59:37.15] Abraham: So many I cannot count them. I was to be a
spiritual leader and see many things that not many could see, and
lead the people that would follow me because they could see that
God was with me. But it was not that I was a very arrogant man, I
was not arrogant; and I tried to give my people everything of
prosperity that they could possibly want; and God helped me with
that. I loved the people. I loved the land. I loved all things of nature and
of God; and therefore, when I moved, I moved in the spirit of God. And
I cannot explain how he moves different people to do different things,
but he does come to you and speak to you in a pratical way. He
spoke to me in a practical way about the needs of the people. There
was not enough food, not enough water, not enough land. The tribes
were getting bigger, and so we had to move. So, all’s I can say is that
God speaks to us in a practical way when we know that things can
not go on the way they are, then they are to be changed. This is the
practicality of God, and the love of God and his bounty to show us
what he wants.

[01:01:15.04] Audience: Okay, on that note, I don’t know if you can
comment about this, but : What would it take for us to unite the
middle east?

[01:01:37.22] Abraham: Honesty. They delude themselves, and they
lie to themselves about what God wants; and how God sees different
things. If they were to actually connect to God in his pure spirit, and
be true about what is wanted. What is wanted is all of them to come
together, not fight each other. Not be the greatest among them. Not to
be greedy and prosperous; but to be broken and then they may see
the true light. Because sometimes in your brokenness, you turn to
God in a way that is not like any other time. And they need to humble
themselves. None of which these tribes have done. Do you see any
humility? I do not. I see boasting, and I see greed; and I see : I want
that; this is our land and we must have it. Land means nothing when
it comes to the spirit. Land means nothing. Wealth means nothing.
The things they put their values on mean nothing when it comes to
the spirit of God. Why? Because if you were to give yourself over,
prosperity would be yours, the land would be yours. Whatever you
want would be yours, as long as you’re in the purity of the spirit. And
yet, some choose the purity of the spirit but to be low and humble,
and that is fine. But the truth of the matter is, all the desires of your
heart can be met with God; and if you desire nothing, that can be met
by God as well.

[01:04:06.22] Audience: So, how did you distinguish between being
humble and letting people step all over you?

[01:04:20.27] Abraham: There is a big difference. Humility is not
boasting. Humility is keeping who you are in a wonderful and loving
space. People that tramp on you are not tramping on humility, they
are tramping on weakness, in the sense that you are letting them do
what they want. Now, when you are humble, you do not boast or you
do not push your opinion upon anyone else and you bring yourself into
a sense of love and unity. But if someone pushes you. You see, the
outside world pushes on each individual, do they not? You do not
have to accept that. Accepting that is not any part of humility. You
must stand up and say : you are wrong, I’m sorry, this is the way I
believe; and if you cannot respect that, then you have to move out
here. But you cannot accept being pushed around. That is not part of
humility. Humility and what that is is something totally different.
Humility is a state of mind where you give thanks to God and are not
bragging and boasting and pushing yourself to be arrogant or these
things of this nature. But being stepped on is a matter of intrusion. It
is not meant for you to be intruded upon. Does that make sense?

[01:06:00.29] Audience: Yes, it does. Because sometimes as human

[01:06:07.21] Abraham: I could put it in better words, but that’s the
best I can do at this time.

[01:06:12.26] Audience: Yeah. Because sometimes as human
beings, we think we’re being humble but we’re allowing others to step
on us.

[01:06:21.17] Abraham: There is an inner strength that comes with
the spirit of God; and he will not tolerate your degradation or your
being put down. So, if you call on him, he will give you the strength to
rise above that. Even if it means that you’re are tortured, you must
stand up for what you believe. That is not any part of humility, but it is
part of your strength in God.

[01:06:57.04] Audience: Okay. Thank you very much for that, I think
that will help a lot of people.

[01:07:02.03] Abraham: Thank you.

[01:07:05.18] Audience: (Sarah) Hello Abraham. Much love to you.

[01:07:11.23] Abraham: Much love.

[01:07:15.04] Audience: My question is : Were Sarah and Hagar the
same woman?

[01:07:21.21] Abraham: No. Hagar was a mistress, Sarah was my

[01:07:28.20] Audience: Okay. So, I’m still trying to understand how it
is I was given both names; and what’s my role in that?

[01:07:41.01] Abraham: You were given both names because you
were given my seed – both of you; and you are both from my lineage
and you have come together at this point. It is very possible. And if
you are Hagar and Sarah at one, then you will know the beauty of
childbirth at some point. And it will be that your child is worthy of gifts.

[01:08:24.11] Audience: Okay. I’ve been trying to reconcile that all my

[01:08:27.28] Abraham: Do not worry. It is not something for you to
worry about. It is the way of the universe to speak to you in a very
gentle and feminine way, that you are beloved.

[01:08:42.06] Audience: Because the bible said they hated each
other. Is that true?

[01:08:49.27] Abraham: Not anymore. Once they go to the oversoul,
love is the only thing that will conquer.

[01:08:55.06] Audience: But in your time, did they hate each other?

[01:08:57.13] Abraham: I do say that they hated….well, Hagar
definitely had stronger feelings than Sarah, because Hagar was
jealous of the position of Sarah. Do you understand that? And was
eventually turned out. But Sarah was not happy with the attitude of
Hagar and so she was disgruntled; she did not hate Hagar, but she
did feel that she was being persecuted by Hagar because of her
attitude. So now, when it all comes out, Hagar was turned away
because she could not get along with Sarah, and she could not abide
by the proper thought processes that God had intended.

[01:09:51.27] Audience: Okay. Thank you.

[01:09:56.07] Abraham: Does that make sense to you?

[01:09:59.25] Audience: Yes.

[01:09:59.25] Abraham: You are beloved; and now Hagar and Sarah
are showing you that they no longer hate each other, but that they
love each other and understand each others positions at this time.
And Hagar is equal to Sarah; and Sarah is equal to Hagar; and their
children are both beautiful.

[01:10:25.05] Audience: Okay. Thank you. I’ll pass the mic.

[01:10:31.19] Audience: (Christine) Greetings Abraham. I was
wondering, for some reason this is bringing out my wound of the
feminine. Were women that disrespected in your particular religion or
following of God?

[01:10:52.29] Abraham: It was sad at the time that women were
looked at as lesser beings. But is understood now that they are equal
in every way, shape and form. But, the men had to take charge
because they did the hunting and the bringing in of the food of the
family; and that is why women took the second place; is because
man was actually the feeder of the tribe. And so, in their arrogance –
and it was their arrogance – men took the leading role over the
women and felt pride for what they had done. When they should have
felt that they were doing the wrong thing. That is what they should
have felt – that they were doing right by feeding their family, not that
they were better than their family. But this was an attitude taken on by
men for centuries. But God deals with each on his own, and when
they reach the oversoul…do you realise that now in this day and age
that you live in, women are looked at more equally than they ever
have been before; and this is due to the evolution of thought; this is
due to the understanding of what women and men do; and how equal
they are. The very fact that women can bear children should make
them greater, don’t you think? They have the greater of the creative
capacity. But now, things are looking differently. You could look at
women as greater; you can bring out womens’ attributes as being
greater than mens; and you can look at mens attributes and bring
them out as being greater than women. But, to be honest, they are
equal in every way.

[01:13:08.25] Audience: Thank you. I feel that way.

[01:13:11.05] Abraham: Much love to you.

[01:13:18.24] Audience: (Sabrina) Does anyone in the room with Jim
have any questions?

[01:13:31.27] Abraham: Very well. Perhaps it’s time I should go.

[01:13:35.11] Audience: There is one more question, Abraham. From
Jasmina, and she would like to know if you have any message for

[01:13:46.15] Abraham: The messages for her is that God’s Purity
and Love is coming to her. Accept it, open up to it, feel the purity of it.
There are times when she feels that there’s no-one around and
there’s much lonliness. But God wants her to feel a greater sense of
community with Him and with the spirits that are around her, which
are many.

[01:14:21.26] Audience: Okay. Is there anything she should – not
should, but could do to do that; and to overcome….

[01:14:35.23] Abraham: Actually she already knows that meditation
and prayer, and there are a couple of other things she does that very
much help. The meditation portion, just relax into it a little more; don’t
try so hard, but relax into your meditation. If you do not feel or sense
anything, that is not a problem, because God is in every inch, every
molecule of the universe; and so, if you are in silence with God, he is
speaking with you in some way; in your subconscious, in your body,
in your very existence; in your soul.

[01:15:28.16] Audience: Okay. Thank you, Abraham; and thank you
for answering our questions, for being here.

[01:15:35.20] Abraham: It was necessary I be here. Remember about
your families; and keep them close, and love them, no matter, even if
you do not like their personalities, you can love their souls; because
their soul is part of God. Do you understand that? Look in and see the
soul. See the God in them and treat them as that God spirit would be
treated. If you do not treat each individual as a spiritual person, then
you are missing part of your connection with humanity.

[01:16:23.16] Audience: Okay. Thank you. Could you do a prayer
before you go?

[01:16:31.14] Abraham: Yes. It might be a little old-school for some of

[01:16:43.14] Audience: It’s okay.

[01:16:46.06] Abraham:

Mighty God, father of all things, maker of the universe, and creator of
the unity love and source of all our existences;
watch over us and guide our paths;
make sure that we are looking for the right things to do.
I know that many times our thought processes have to be in the
and have to be geared to the things of survival,
and the things that make us who we are as a person individually;
but bring out the perfection that is us in you,
because you have your unique way with us.

I love you truly, and thank you for the lessons that might be hard,
and might seem like you are being dishonest with us;
but there is a reason for all things.

When I took my son to the mountain,
and when I thought that you had not told me the truth afterwards,
and you explained yourself,
I was full of love and joy and understanding.

I pray that all these that come to you will feel the same.
Give your honour to each of them,
bring out their wisdom which is inherent within each of them;
bring out your beauty and originality which is inherent within each of
love and guidance and beauty.

I just pray that this era in your world becomes an era of
remembrance for the beauty that it signifies and it creates;
and will be the beginning of a great era of peace, love and


[01:18:53.02] Audience: Amen. Thank you. Thank you for to those
beautiful words.

GRINDAL (Friendly Reptilian)

[00:07:44.13] Grindal: (groaning) Hold on. You know that I’d be first,

[00:07:58.21] Audience: Hello Grindal, how are you?!

[00:08:00.21] Grindal: I’m okay, except for the frigging tail. That’s
better. Good morning. How are you. I’m hanging in there but I’m good
actually really. Yeah, there’s a lot going on down here. You guys have
been through a crap load of stuff recently. So everywhere I look I see
someone is having a emotional breakdown or something. So, I came
to say, it’s all going to be over pretty soon. Not for everybody, but for
most people. Of course, some people have their own nervous
breakdowns without the earth having all the motion and movement
and stuff. They just break down period, so. But, right now things are
evening out. The earth energies are still disruptive in some places. I
think the problem – this is my own thought process – but the problem
is the earth energies been so messed up for so long it’s causing a lot
of difficulty. So, be assured that things are calming down; I see the
end to a lot of crap, for lack of a better word. So, I’m looking forward
to seeing some less hysterical scenery when I come down and look.

So, any questions?

[00:09:47.14] Audience: Yeah. In reference to what you were just
saying, how is it that what’s going on with the earth affects the
humans? What is the mechanics of that?

[00:10:00.20] Grindal: Well, even thought it is good energy, you’re
used to a different kind of energy. So, when things change drastically,
which they have done, you’ve noticed all the energies of the different
full moons this year. This year, the full moons have been very very
powerful; and the summer solstice is going to be absolutely
tremendously powerful, as well, because it’s just in alignment with so
many different things. But, yes, you’re bodies just can’t take the
change. Even though it might be a good change, or a positive
change, sometimes the body doesn’t look at change that way,
because of your belief systems, your bodies are changing, and you
go : ah-oh, I must be getting sick, and so your bring in a negative
thought process on it instead of positive process. Does that make
sense to you?

[00:11:01.10] Audience: Yes.

[00:11:03.20] Grindal: And so, therefore, it’s like, you take this positive
thing and you make it a nervous nelly thing, so; and so that puts a
negative spin on it a little bit. But some of you have grasped it in the
way that it should be grasped, that’s fine. But remember a change is
going to be good; this change is going to be really good. So, get over
yourselves. (Groans)

[00:11:31.06] Audience: Okay, for those who are still going through it,
what should …..

[00:11:36.14] Grindal: Yeah, calm down, take a deep breath, it’s
almost over. Get off the rollercoaster, and enjoy your life a little more.
Because being nervous and being negative about these changes is
not doing any good because they’re going to happen anyway; and
they’re going to be positive, and you’re going to find they’re going to
be a great wonderful thing for the world. Ask mother earth, she’ll tell
you, but she’ll giggle the whole time so it’s annoying. But, I still love

[00:12:14.02] Audience: Okay, thank you (smiling).

[00:12:18.01] Audience: (Sher) Hey Grindal, how are you?

[00:12:19.19] Grindal: Ah, Sher, how are you? I’m doing very well.

[00:12:25.07] Audience: How are your sons? They have some rituals
to go through.

[00:12:28.09] Grindal: Yeah, yeah. We did all that. That was a…..if you
want to know, I sort of think some of these rituals are getting a little
flakey at times, so; I mean, they’re good in the sense that they make
aware some of the history and the past, but all this dancing and
mumbo jumbo stuff, you just want to go : alright, let’s cut to the chase
here. So, yeah, I’m a more direct kind of person I guess.

[00:12:59.27] Audience: I see. Well tomorrow I’m going to have a
meeting with Jim, and I was wondering if you’re free for like a 20
minute talk or something like that?

[00:13:12.03] Grindal: Yeah. Sure, I have time for you.

[00:13:15.04] Audience: We have a lot to speak.

[00:13:17.27] Grindal: I looked at the time and made sure that there’s
nothing in my way, so that’s good.

[00:13:23.19] Audience: Okay. Great. Thank you very very much.

[00:13:29.05] Grindal: You’re welcome.

[00:13:30.26] Audience: The Panama files that were exposed, is that
something to do with disclosure or illuminati, in some sense?

[00:13:45.03] Grindal: What was that, I didn’t get the question exactly.

[00:13:46.01] Audience: The Panama files…

[00:13:52.07] Grindal: Oh oh oh. Remember, when they release this
stuff or find it, some of the stuff has been changed. Even when they
file it they change some things before they put it in there. Why?
Because they know that one day it’s going to be found. And they want
to look as good as possible. So, just keep that in mind.

[00:14:21.22] Audience: Okay.

[00:14:24.18] Grindal: (drinks water)

[00:14:35.14] Audience: (Christine)

(personal conversation about her health.)

[00:17:52.10] Audience: (Sabrina) Grindal, Linney has a question. She
says if you have anything to say about the presidency over here. The

[00:18:06.11] Grindal: Don’t get me started on that. They’re all
buffoons, but there’s some less buffoony than others. But they’re
all…well, I can’t say they’re not qualified, some of them are not. Some
of them are qualified but their thought processes are, like, so far
removed from one another, it’s like : Oh my God! They should get
together and have a little caucas and get all their crap on the same
page. Geez! But they’re…I have little optimism for your choices.

[00:18:55.16] Audience: But do you think it has been set up by the

[00:19:01.23] Grindal: It’s a time for change, and this will definitely do
it. You have four unusual different people, I mean, four people that if
any of them get elected, the chances of them being assassinated are
very high. And that’s sad, that’s very sad. But, think about it, they will
assassinate a women because they’re prejudice; they would
assassinate a Jewish person because they’re prejudice; they would
assassinate a buffoon because they’re prejudice; and they would
assassinate somebody that preaches like Jimmy Swaggart because
they’re prejudice.

Well, that’s all I have to say about that. You make your own choices.

[00:20:00.17] Audience: Okay. I guess no predictions.

[00:20:04.27] Grindal: Are you kidding me. It’s like predicting
tornadoes in the south.

[00:20:10.12] Audience: (laughs) Does anyone in the room with Jim
have a question?

[00:20:17.23] Grindal: Yeah. There is.

[00:20:20.20] Audience: Are you talking about the event horizon?

[00:20:23.23] Grindal: Come over closer, I don’t think they can hear

[00:20:25.27] Audience: Are you talking about the event horizon?

[00:20:27.29] Grindal: Only partially. Yeah.

[00:20:50.25] Audience: (Sabrina) Christine said : So do we need to
worry about the vice-presidents?

[00:20:59.25] Grindal: Ah. No. Not really. Who’s going to be looking at
the vice-president once you get one of those buffoons in there.

[00:21:13.13] Audience: (laughs) Okay. On a lighter not, why don’t
you tell us what you’ve been up to. We haven’t spoken to you in a
long time.

[00:21:22.14] Grindal: I did rituals with my family just recently and that
is what I’ve been doing. We’ve been going through the adolescents. In
the reptilian world there’s a very big thing when you become a man or
a woman in our species. And you go through a very long ritual that
lasts several weeks, and you bring the understanding of many
different things. This is when we have ‘the talk’; this is when we have
the singularity with the parent, you spend days with your mother, you
spend days with your father, you spend time with your grandparents;
you spend some time learning from your God-parents. Every reptilian
has someone assigned to give information about the family, after this
period of time; and they’re sellected at birth; and so, when this time
comes, if they’re still alive, they give a talk about family values
and what the family history is. Because if it comes from outside the
family, there’s a different perspective. Do you understand? it might be
a little coloured, or with a family member telling the history, it might be
a little slanted; but when you see it from somebody else’s eyes that is
not part of the family, than it’s all pretty much true to life. So, there’s
many things that happen during this two to three week period of time,
depending on how long certain things last. But it’s planned out for two
weeks and two days in your time period. But that was the thing that
was happening with me.

[00:23:36.17] Audience: Very nice. That sounds like they’re actually
paying attention to what’s going on with the children.

[00:23:45.14] Grindal: You have to, because you learn a lot during
those two weeks, believe me. Of course, our weeks are different than
yours, but still. You learn a lot because your kids have to be close,
you know. And so, after a while, you start hearing things that they’re
saying that perhaps you weren’t thinking that you would hear.

[00:24:18.21] Audience: Yeah. I had that experience recently.

[00:24:26.07] Audience: Sher asks, what about Bernie Sanders. What
is your opinion of him?

[00:24:34.00] Grindal: I already said that there’s some things that I
shouldn’t say. I don’t hate any of the candidates, let’s put it that way;
but I don’t support any of them either. But thank God I’m not voting.

I really can’t tell you what I think of him because it would be prejudice.
I would prejudice some thought processes, and I would rather keep
my opinions of each one – my expressed deep opinions of each ones
separate, so that no-one is affected. They just warned me about that.
They said : oh, don’t go in there and say what you said to us,
because that’s not healthy. But I don’t think he’s a bad man. Everyone
has their best intentions except for one. One has an alternate agenda
but has not been exposed. But that’s alright. Things will happen as
they happen. (Groans) Is there any more questions?

[00:25:59.04] Audience: (Dan) Hello Grindle, how are you? Last week
it was explained to us that many have became ill because we lost our
energy to Ghia, and many people are still complaining about this type
of respitory and breathing issues and stuff; will this energy be
straigtening out for them soon; is there any wisdom you can impart
on this to help comfort everybody?

[00:26:25.18] Grindal: Yeah. Like I said, it’s almost done. Hang in
there. Get a more positive attitude right now. I know it’s hard, because
when you’re sick, positivity is out the window. But, if you would bring
in some positivity these things would get going pretty fast. And the
earth energy’s are about done. By the middle of June, they’ll be
completely done. So you just have these last couple month and a
half, whatever, two months to work with. You’ve already been going
through it long enough, so…but it’s already a much more calm than it
was. So, it’s a lot calmer. A lot.

[00:27:14.28] Audience: So, everybody just needs to be patient with
their illness. It’s not their fault, it’s not something they’ve done. It’s just
a planetary adjustment, and we’re adjusting to it.

[00:27:25.26] Grindal: It’s everywhere. It’ll be fine.

[00:27:34.27] Audience: (Sabrina) Okay, Grindal, I believe no-one else
has a question at the moment.

[00:27:39.23] Grindal: Alright then, I can get out of here and have a
wonderful day everybody.

[00:27:43.10] Audience: You too. And thank you for coming. We love
you and miss you.

[00:27:48.08] Grindal: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You couldn’t stop. Namaste?
Yeah. Alright. (aahhh) Alright, I’ll bring somebody else. There’s a
bunch out there. Yeah.

[00:28:04.15] Audience: Okay. Thank you.

[00:28:06.29] Grindal: Have a good day. Ouch. Damn. (reptilian

Freedom from Agenda 21 – Australian viewpoint

“You don’t have a soul, you ARE a soul.  You have a body.”   I like it 🙂

This is your opportunity to find out exactly what Agenda 21 is and how it will affect all of us including some very ignorant politicians who sheepily follow already established legislation handed down from the U.N. under the guise of climate change and environmentalism.

Grab a coffee, download this file and listen to Australian ex-politician Ann Bressington tell it like it is.

Inspiring, uplifting, informative, funny and instructive are some of the adjectives I would use to describe this enlightening interview – even though the matter seems dark.

Consider it an invitation to live your life as an individual, in your own power, fully informed.

or try this link directly to mp3 player