Mothers Wisdom

Love flows

How we love our fellow man is of much more importance than most other love we develop.  Second only to our love and desire for God – our true mother/father; and our soulmate. 


God’s Laws acting in our lives

Mary: Okay, let me have a stab at it, I’ll see how I go. My understanding of the Laws from the condition I’m in at the moment is that the Law of Compensation is the wheel that grinds very finely. As we saw in chapter one or two, God sees everything that is in our soul. The things we’ve done to harm others; the loving things we’ve done, it’s all there; it’s all laid out at every moment; there’s no judgement that we pass. And the Law of Compensation is acting on our soul; in terms of pain it is the experience…remember what I said about repentance. So if I’ve harmed Luli, I desire to feel the pain that she must feel as a result of my harm, the Law of Compensation is God enacting that process on my soul. He’s saying there’s harm you’ve caused others, there’s harm you’ve caused others, here’s the pain of it. But I’m using my will in the opposite direction. I don’t want to acknowledge that I’ve done it; I don’t want to feel the pain of others; I don’t want to feel sorry about it, but it’s always in operation. And that’s God saying : Okay, but Laws of Love govern this universe so you can use your love any way you want but there’s a consequence because you’re breaking a Law of Love. When we’re repentant we say : I want to feel this pain; I want to feel the pain that I’ve caused to Luli; I want to see the error that made me do it; I want to do everything I can to take away that pain from her. So then, I’m using my will in harmony with love. So, that’s how it interacts, it’s just the willingness now when I’m repentant because I want to feel that pain, then a whole other Law comes into play. And what I understand is that God can assist us so much more when we use our will in harmony with love. So that’s the thing, we won’t desire relief, we will desire Luli’s pain. We will say : No, I want the pain; I want the pain now. And God will help us then work through that pain. But when we’re using our will in the opposite direction going : Nothing to do with Luli, I didn’t do anything; I don’t really want to look at that. Then the Law of Compensation is acting upon our soul. Does that make sense? Yep. Through the Mist book discussion


On this Friday as you head off to what you do how about you do the commando crawl into that good feeling place…..I’m good at what I do…..I like that feeling of people appreciating me…the people that I do work for appreciate me…I have a lot of freedom in my job….Enjoy the contrast along the way 🙂

Here’s a little ditty to take with you.  Much love.


A job is a word known crudely by some
As a place of un-erring tedious tasks to be done

But son let me tell you
This is not a fair view
As many a man has been made from a crew

A crew of good chums
Working side by side
Never failing to conquer their fears that they hide

Support and well wishes
Go hand in hand
With the guys and the girls who are happy to stand

Stand for their greatness
Known only by some
With their fearless endeavours and hearts to be won

Life on the job
Is of honour and fame
No matter the profession, the sort or the game

Mothers Wisdom 10.04.14

“People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.”

So, so true.  Not necessary to work each out, just accept what is and know everything is happening in perfect timing. Enjoy my poem about this subject.  Much love.


I solemnly promise
To do as I please
To have you and hold you
And love you with ease

Our beautiful union
Is one made on trust
And something a little closer to lust

For as long as our paths match
You’ll have me with you
Nothing can stop me from loving you

Even in darkness
And deep despair
Our bond will be a comfort
To help us repair

For loving each other
Is a breath of fresh air
To a  union of souls
Nothing does compare

This journey will take us
To peaks high and low
But never be sorry
When you have to go

Stay true to your spirit
Give it your all
When your life summons
You must answer the call

Promises made at the core of our being
Keep knocking and knocking –
They will have us fleeing

Take with you my imprint
And know in your heart
That our goodness is greater
Than when we did start

Mothers Wisdom 08.04.14

“The only rules and regulations you have in life are the ones you create for yourself.” Freddie Mercury channeled by Jaimie Butler in Channeling Erik blog.

I think I’ll share “A Thoughty” for this one.  Miss you Freddie.  Much love to all.

Mothers Wisdom 04.04.14

“Mainly you feel a bit lonely don’t you? A bit self conscious and a bit afraid. That’s OK we all do. We’re not being stimulated. We’re not being given enough necessary cohesive tools to organise ourselves into the kind of tribal societies that we were designed to live in in order to live harmoniously with the planet…….” Russell Brand, The Trews  (where he talks about all of the “knowledge” handed to us in the mainstream newspapers)

Bit like my poem “Life” really.  Here it is 🙂