A Little Girl’s Letter to Jesus

I have transcribed this letter from a video with Russ Dizdar and David Heavener. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=detGrYXpFas

“I can’t imagine how you must feel, Jesus. I can’t imagine the pain and anguish you experience as you see the many, many little girls and boys being sexually victimised in the most horrible ways.

I can’t imagine how it angers you when the people that do these things are those who look good on the outside and claim to be your children. I can’t imagine how you must feel when people who claim your name turn their backs on such sin and crime; and refuse to bring such sin to light.

Jesus, sometimes I wonder, how can you let it go on? How long, oh Lord?

But then I remember that you are merciful to all. You desperately want those perpetrators to come to the end of themselves and fall at your feet in true repentance for their sin.

I forget sometimes that you are sovereign; that you are merciful; that you are in control of it all; and that someday, it will be made right.

Oh Father, I pray for the victims. The innumerable little girls and boys, the teenagers who are being sold for sex. May you send the right people to guide them to you. May they know your love; may they realise how much you care about them. May they find healing and rest in you. May they find protection from the enemy of their souls; may they make that hard decision to take responsibility for the response to the abuse. May they forgive and not become bitter.

I pray that you would raise them up and someday their pain would be used to help other little boys and girls. I pray for the parents and church leaders of the victims. I pray that you would raise up people that would realise the implications of abuse and how it destroys a person.

I pray that you would give them wisdom in relating to these broken children and you. I pray that if they have been abused themselves, and have sought help, that they would be willing to work through their own pain I pray that you would break the chains of generational abuse in my hometown and the surrounding communities.

I pray that there could be freedom and healing and that it would come only from you.

And, lastly, Jesus, I pray for the perpetrators.

I pray that they would come to the end of themselves. I pray that it would happen in this life, and not in the next. I pray for their souls. I pray that you would have mercy on them. I pray that their evil deeds would be exposed now and not at judgement day.

Oh, Jesus, have mercy please.

They need you just as I need you.

Oh, God, please send the right people their way to take them by the hand, and to lead them to you. I pray for repentance and restorations for them. I pray for a Godly sorrow that would lead to repentance.

I know you care, Jesus. And I thank you so much that you are working behind the scenes.

Thank you, Father.



The players have been played

Warning, it starts off a bit rough but
well worth the look. It's times like
these I like to shout-out the co-creation!
Plus I think I've been watching too much
Owen Benjamin. Thanks Owen - and I mean that

We are the revolution!
We are the ones who rule!
We will not be beaten!
So fuck off you big fat tool!

What’s that you say, you dickhead
You really are a fool!
Why should we even consider
All that shit that you do drool!

Wait, what happened to my Youtube!
The one with all my shit
Someone’s playing games with me
I’m taking a big, bloody hit!

It’s all a load of bullshit
The stuff I put out there
Can’t you take a joke, mate
You’ve got me pulling out my hair!

I’m taking a closer look now
At what that dickhead said.
He said we’ve all been played;
Lied to; messing with our heads!

The game is one we’re used to
Of lies and manip-u-lation
We take their cues and work it
To hide our agitation

We can’t control the world out there
We hide behind our screens
Thinking we are better
Than everyone, it seems

So, he says to pull together
And let’s all get un-schooled
We can all be on the same side
And then we won’t be ruled

They can’t take away our sovereignty;
Our love; Our care and charity
Our patience; and our kindness
And, especially, empathy

Empathy can guide us
And keep us free from domination
Give us back our freedom
And get a well-deserved vac-a-tion

We think we rule the play
It couldn’t be further from the truth.
If we all choose to know more;
And never be aloof
We can all become aware
And find ourselves the proof.

If we just accept what we are told;
And fear we will be swayed
Then you can all expect
That us players will be played.

Max Igen - Everything is a lie


Hello family

This message is about love.

As we see the world evolving we see many unloving things happening in our experience that does not give us the feeling of being loved and cared for in a way that God meant for us to be when he created our souls; and, through his laws, allowed the release and cherishing of us to this earth-based environment.

This kindergarten has become infected with the most vile of viruses – that of self-involvement, self-reliance, hypocrisy, judgement and lies.

There is little of the love, truth and humility that was desired for us; and God-reliance seems an impossible position to take.

How can we trust such a harsh and punishing father who, we think, will allow for slaughter; infestation of diseases; and immoral happenings that we have almost become numb to in our daily lives.

Some live it harshly, and, if we’re lucky, we can watch it through our vantage point as spectators of the nightly news.

Christine Leinonen (in the clip below), the mother of a missing person – at 4.45 – makes a heartfelt plea to us to ‘please, let’s just get along’ after the senseless slaying at an Orlando nightclub the other night.

Just the tip of the iceberg to what is happening all over our world; and is an attempt to make us aware of a world that is struggling with our demands and prejudices.

We feel comfortable with the lie; the truth is too hard to feel our way through. Truth offered in love and compassion for who and where we’re at can be as revolutionary as anything we can imagine; and a good place to start.

The truth is we are those things that we are learning in the Kindergarten of our existence. We are self-involved; hypocritical, judgmental and we tell lies. We also use denial, justification, minimisation, excuses and will not take responsibility for our actions.

I can hear you scream : that’s everyone else, not me! Not even a little bit? Do you sometimes question the value of another person and their opinion; do you sometimes feel that of yourself, even?

Do you think of love as truth? What is love to you? Is love the ultimate goal? Is there love in every interaction that you make and every thought that you think? Is love a barter? Is love a gift? Do you expect love? Do you demand love? Do you know how to love? Why do you bother to love? Should you be loved? Do some people not deserve love? Should it be deserved? Do you need love at all? Is it better to be loved or to give love? Can you conceive that you can be loved unconditionally? Is love a condition to be in? Are there levels of love? Can ‘unconditional love’ make you unappreciative and ‘spoilt’? If you do something that is ‘wrong’ – either from God’s perspective or society’s – does this mean that love should be withdrawn from you? Is there always a way back to love from any condition? Can love and judgement exist in the same place? Can we be shown the way to love? Who can help us with love? Can love change the world? Is there a better solution than love…. for the whole world? Is it possible to make every decision one that is made in love?

If these sharings about love make you feel resistive, uncomfortable or angry, do you know why? Or is it God? It’s not the love that makes us feel those things, it’s God. Again, I ask… why? If God is love…. or, if God doesn’t exist at all…. why? Seriously, why? It is something we all need to ponder.

The love that we want to see in the world starts with one person at a time; and is the virus, or ‘cult’ that we want to spread as rapidly and vigorously as we can manage – and we can manage much more than we give ourselves allowance to do.

With all my love. – See, there’s a lie right there. I want to say ‘our’ love to represent the spirits sitting with me who also desire to share this message, but I say ‘my’ love to appease you all. Worth thinking about, don’t you think.

Send in the straight-jacket!

A letter for Jenny

Dearest sister Jenny, Gail would like to let you know that God is with you at this time and, as ever, waits patiently and with much love for you to ask for Her love and assistance. You will know that there are many bright spirits gathered around you – guides to help you find your way out of the fog that surrounds you, and guardians to protect you and keep you safe while you are gathering information and experimenting with this life. You’ll also see demons who can be cleverly trying to assure you that you are one of them. These lost souls seem to have all the answers….they do not. Faith is ever present in all of us, whether it be a faith in God or a faith in something else such as ‘life isn’t fair’ – it is the wee small voice resolutely playing in the background of our lives. The thing about that faith is, whatever it is, it consumes us and will not allow any other faith to enter us while it is present. Of late she has found that a faith in an all loving, merciful God has lead her out of the fog and allows her to see the brilliant angels that surround her and all of the possibilities available to us in this life and the next. Yes, God has rules and, yes, it will involve looking at your emotions, forgiving and repenting, caring and sharing; but in the end all that matters is an infinite love and just existence for all Her children. Your unique soul mate is nearby and once you reach a certain condition of love, you will to be magnetically attracted to each other, reaching new heights of existence – for if you exist now, you always will. This earthy life is but a kindergarten, a playground of sorts – as we know there can be bullies in the playground but there can also be many good friendships to be made. It’s all up to you and the will your Father/Mother God has graciously bestowed in you. Know that He remains your greatest fan and dearest love, and He is the one true answer to all life’s questions. Sending much love, Gail.
Please enjoy my story.
This is the tale of two lost souls.

One of these souls spent their entire life in limbo waiting
for the precise moment of joy to appear.

The other lost soul cried into the wind “Why am I so alone in
the world! I do fear?”

These souls lamented throughout their existence…
They wanted joy.
They wanted love.
They wanted happiness.
And they wanted “someone” to provide it for them.

Their days were long.
Their hearts were empty.
Their songs were sad.
And they wanted “someone” to fix it for them.

The day finally came when they could bear it no more.
Desperately they sobbed … “who there can help me!”
And the answer appeared as clearly and crisply as I’m
relating to you. From out of the ether came a thought that
rang true “Take back your power… the answer is you!”

So much weight was lifted that day and they became giddy and
felt light on their feet….as each of us should. They moved
slowly with only joy in their hearts. Smelling the flowers
and talking to trees. Saying “I love you” to all that they

Their joy seemed contagious and so …..When these souls
collided there was only reflection of all that they felt and into each others arms they did melt!

To this day they continue to carry the torch and tell all a story
so sweet. It is the most amazing tale of two lost souls and
how they did meet.