There’s not a thought that arrives
And stays in my head
That helps me stear further and further from dread

Entertained by the masses
But much better left
Those thoughts of ill fate weave an eternal weft

A weft that compounds you to struggle each day
With your demons and worries
Which makes me say

The devil may care
But care not for him
For where is the proof that he’s even there

Surrounded by goodness, allowance and ease
You are the only ones to be pleased

Eternal in spirit
Wellness and wealth
If you could just feel it
It would be good for your health!


  1. I sure relate to the first verse. Not all my thoughts steer me toward dread, but so many do.
    The second verse.. do you mean these thoughts of dread are entertained (considered, promoted and so forth) by the masses? If that’s what you mean.. yes I agree. So much dread on TV.. on the news, gory cop shows, etc.
    I had to look up the word “weft.” “The crosswise threads on a loom over and under which other threads (the warp) are passed to make cloth.
    Hopefully the weft these thoughts weave is not eternal!
    “The devil may care, but care not for him.” Very good! Even if the devil might not be real, the same thought could be applied to any negativity in our minds, and in life in general.
    As far as proof of the devil.. some folks would point to all human suffering, while others would argue that all human suffering is caused by.. humans.
    “Surrounded by goodness, allowance and ease.” Well.. not all of us are. But still, all of us are surrounded by at least some goodness, and it would be good for us to see and internalize this.
    Eternal in spirit? Who knows..
    I like the last lines quite a bit! If we really could feel the goodness, what is wonderful around us, this truly would be good for our health.
    I like this poem.

  2. Hi Tom – thanks for stopping by – appreciating your critique 🙂 although I don’t think that I put that much thought into transcribing it from my place of allowing. Hahaha
    You have very valid and worthwhile points…as do us all.
    Weft was a co-creation from my background in fabrics and this unfoldment – ergo I, for one, am sure of my eternal spirit.
    Glad you like, I like too 🙂

    1. I was an English major in college. I had to spend a LOT of time analyzing not only poetry, but prose as well. Also, when I was young.. junior high age, I was really into reading lyrics and figuring them out. Considering that I was mostly listening to a lot of hair metal at the time, the lyrics were not complicated. But I found a few bands here and there that did write interesting lyrics.

      I like the word “weft.” It’s rare that I come across a word I’ve not encountered before. Very creative of you.

      I’m glad you are sure of your eternal spirit. I’ll not ask you how you are sure, as that would just start a debate. Maybe I’ll feel sure of more things someday. Might be good to feel sure of the existence of one’s eternal spirit.

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