Seek for the service.
I……is existence itself.
I am….an experience apart from another. First separation.
Belief….how we create our physical. Expressing our free will. Choose. It is a departure from our knowingness. Decide what you are. Establish a clear intention of who you wish to be…who you demand to be.
Clarify your existence.
I am unconditional love. My life is a service to all of humanity and the universe. There are no boundaries to my existence. I choose and therefore create the reality I demand.
Express emotion in whatever way you feel you need to.
Do not allow judgement.
Express who you are with no holes barred.
Feel your desire. It is a representation of who you are.
You deserve it. Inherently. You do deserve.
You feel what you believe. Laugh, cry…..feel the desire. Release it into the atmosphere of who you are.
Laughter is a tool to allow others to experience with you.
Be willing to perform clear action – this is how you express physically.
Your action is the bottom line. What you say and think is reflected this way.
You contain both polarities – positive and negative. Positive cannot exist without the negative.
Choose one – be aware of the other.
Others choices/beliefs are just as valid as your own.
Giving you the chance to validate your choices.
By validating their choices you validate your own.
Allow yourself to feel the gravity of a love that has no conditions.
No matter what you do or think you are love….imagine….feel this.
No judgement. You are not judged.
Be of maximum benefit to yourself and you will be of maximum benefit to the universe.
Express within this life complete positivity.
You are not beginning a transformation you are firmly entrenched in a transformation.
You walked in with a lot of baggage. Drop the baggage.
The transformation is integration.
You are one whole being.
You are the spark of creation itself.
You are the first and the last ray of light.
Welcome to the threshold.

Source Elan – channeled by Andrew Bayuk.



Holy cow, pig, goat….whatever…..I just realised that my “poems” are in fact chants!  Still buzzing.  Could just be my truth but I had to share. Go to that place deep inside and let it rip/pulsate/sing/tone 🙂


I began my love affair with Barbendensis Miller 27 years ago.  I was looking for a casual income stream after having my first baby and wanting to be a stay-at-home mum.  Of course, syncronistically, I came across what I first believed to be a cosmetic company.  It turned out that this companys’ product range was based around Aloe Vera.  Grace Cosmetics also known as Pro-ma Systems.

Through the use of these products which included an aloe juice I was able to clear a dermatitis on my face which I had endured until that time.

The problem/benefit of being well-informed is that I have been warry of other “products” containing Aloe Vera since that time because of the delicate and precise way the plant has be grown, harvested and processed to ensure any benefits if not harm from the plant.  (I found a technical site and will post below for those thus inclined).  As Grace Cosmetics is a Multi-level marketing company I have not seen their products for some time but am still very ready to blow their horn.

Instead now I grow the plant and use it topically, especially for burns.  As it is widely considered to be the closest plant organism to the human skin – including being 99.5% water –  it has many of the elements required to rejuvenate the skin tissue .


Fillet the leaf as you would a fish.  The clear gel in the centre is the thing we are looking for.  You will find a yellow gooey substance between the outer skin and the clear gel in the centre of the plant.  The yellow substance is quite poisonous especially if taken internally and serves to protect the plant from attack from insects.


Use it fresh.  Put a piece of the fillet onto the wound and wrap with cotton cloth.  The moisture will transfer from the gel to your skin – leaving a shrivelled up piece of debris.  Replace as required, usually every 4-6 hours.  Use for burns, stings, minor wounds, rashes.

I once picked up a hot light bulb and placed the gel from the plant on the burn and by the next morning my skin was a very healthy rosey red colour.   The pain went almost immediately.  This is just one of many burn stories I could tell.

Hello from Possum and “WORDS”

Our excitement at Earths progress is one of awe.  Good going.  We watch and wait for the just the right time for each and every development to manifest into the human group consciousness.  Of course it already exists and simply awaits your knowing to be enjoyed.

The energy that you feel vibrating and pulsing through your every thought and event invites you to proceed further with your ascension and reclaim your rightful state of joy.

Embrace each new speed bump along the way and know that these have been manifested by you so that you can savour the contrast of what they bring.  Making the enjoyment of your ascension a truly awesome and worthwhile event.

My host has had some out of sorts experiences this week which has highlighted some yet to be resolved issues laying dormant within her beingness.  These issues, although small, keep repeating in her thoughts.  She pushes them away to only have them return more vehemently the next instant.  She has manifested these situations so that it gives her the experience to easily move past future like issues which may interrupt the ascension process.  We truly never get it done – so relax and appreciate all that is.  That’s why you’re here, for the experience.

Lets go, lets go, lets go! (Boy that “lets” is a funny word! hahaha)

Enjoy our poem as we part and we are never far away.  Love, love, love


Blah Blah
Blah Blah Blah
Words are blah blah
Blah Blah Blah

They cannot even nearly say
All the things happening  today.
Like feeling all the joy and hope
And coming home from our elope

We ran for fear of missing out
Boy did we not figure out!

Figure out that love lives here
Right here right now
It was so near!

Our world is precious
This I know
And everyone can do and show
Appreciation from their core
That and much much much much more

Our words wreak havoc all the while
When really they should make us smile
Never use them needlessly
Even when speaking to a tree

All life can teach us who we are
And show each other from afar
The joy and peace we do desire
These are the things that lift us higher

A word of note before I go
I just want you all to know
My life is better in many ways
By using words to thank and praise


On this Friday as you head off to what you do how about you do the commando crawl into that good feeling place…..I’m good at what I do…..I like that feeling of people appreciating me…the people that I do work for appreciate me…I have a lot of freedom in my job….Enjoy the contrast along the way 🙂

Here’s a little ditty to take with you.  Much love.


A job is a word known crudely by some
As a place of un-erring tedious tasks to be done

But son let me tell you
This is not a fair view
As many a man has been made from a crew

A crew of good chums
Working side by side
Never failing to conquer their fears that they hide

Support and well wishes
Go hand in hand
With the guys and the girls who are happy to stand

Stand for their greatness
Known only by some
With their fearless endeavours and hearts to be won

Life on the job
Is of honour and fame
No matter the profession, the sort or the game

Mothers Wisdom 10.04.14

“People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.”

So, so true.  Not necessary to work each out, just accept what is and know everything is happening in perfect timing. Enjoy my poem about this subject.  Much love.


I solemnly promise
To do as I please
To have you and hold you
And love you with ease

Our beautiful union
Is one made on trust
And something a little closer to lust

For as long as our paths match
You’ll have me with you
Nothing can stop me from loving you

Even in darkness
And deep despair
Our bond will be a comfort
To help us repair

For loving each other
Is a breath of fresh air
To a  union of souls
Nothing does compare

This journey will take us
To peaks high and low
But never be sorry
When you have to go

Stay true to your spirit
Give it your all
When your life summons
You must answer the call

Promises made at the core of our being
Keep knocking and knocking –
They will have us fleeing

Take with you my imprint
And know in your heart
That our goodness is greater
Than when we did start

Bugs in My Eyes

This short poem (short – for those of you who have an aversion to poetry) came about totally because of a youtube video that I watched from Ester Hicks and Abraham.  It resonated so strongly with me I just wanted to capture it in my own way.

I have been feeling totally exhilerant, excited and full of anticipation for a new world lately that I decided to post it directly.  I hope you enjoy.  Much love.


Please will you tell me
The man did persue
The answer to this very perplexing a-do

Why does a dog
Continue to drive
With its head out the window
And get bugs in its eyes

The answer is simple
And I’ll relate it to you
Thank you for asking
Now this is my view

When a spirit arrives
And comes fully alive
The very experience is worth all of that jive

Anticipation and more.

No matter the issues, the problems or size
I’m sure you agree with my whys
What are a few
Bugs in the eyes?!