Burger King

“Imagine a world where there is no TV and everyone you break bread with is your family.” Peggy Olsen, Mad Men drama

….. Of course, it was under the guise of a Burger King add, but we know what you meant Matthew Weiner.


An extract from ‘Through the Mists’ book group – chapter eight.

‘….if I just experience my desire; if I’m just humble to my desire; and I let that emotional experience even purify my desire ….if you think about it, if you really allow the experience emotionally of what you want, any fear you have around it immediately gets triggered, but also you can kind of feel if it’s a bit icky as well, can’t you? A lot of times you can. Often we shut it down and act it out because we don’t want to feel the ickiness of when it’s out of harmony with love; or when it’s in harmony with love, we don’t want to feel those terrible feelings that Fred felt : Please tell me I can do it; I can’t bear it if I can’t do it. You know, so, this experience of allowing desire really opens us up emotionally to everything, I feel. All of the error; all of the fear; and all of the beauty inside of us. And what I really felt with what Cushna was showing to Fred there is, if we are just humble to desire; and we’re humble to God’s way of the universe acting, then God will present the opportunity for our desire to be fulfilled. And in the way he deems us to be ready.

‘And my experience of that is : Yeah, I think I’m going to do a book group with twelve people in our living room. And then sixty-five of you turn up; and I go : Okay, God obviously thinks I’m ready for 65 people. (laughs) I don’t. I followed my desire and this is what came, I have to trust God on this one because I feel pretty insignificant. And you know, that was the beautiful thing, I wrote in my journal : There’s an interplay between desire and God; and patience requires humility, or it’s enabled by humility; and God sees the best time, and we only need to be ready to respond when He presents the opportunity. So this idea of having to force through the fear and make the desire happen, it’s a lack of humility, isn’t it? We will act when the opportunity is brought to us, we don’t have to push it to happen, we don’t have to be passive, we just have to be ready to respond and be humble to the feelings that are going on.’ Mary Magdelene

Divine Truth Book group discussion – chapter 8 Through the Mists

Two Lost Souls

This is the tale of two lost souls.

One of these souls spent their entire life in limbo waiting
for the precise moment of joy to appear.

The other lost soul cried into the wind “Why am I so alone in
the world! I do fear?”

These souls lamented throughout their existence…
They wanted joy.
They wanted love.
They wanted happiness.
And they wanted “someone” to provide it for them.

Their days were long.
Their hearts were empty.
Their songs were sad.
And they wanted “someone” to fix it for them.

The day finally came when they could bear it no more.
Desperately they sobbed … “who there can help me!”
And the answer appeared as clearly and crisply as I’m
relating to you. From out of the ether came a thought that
rang true “Take back your power… the answer is you!”

So much weight was lifted that day and they became giddy and
felt light on their feet….as each of us should. They moved
slowly with only joy in their hearts. Smelling the flowers
and talking to trees. Saying “I love you” to all that they

Their joy seemed contagious and so …..When these souls
collided there was only reflection of all that they felt and into each others arms they did melt!

To this day they continue to carry the torch and tell all a story
so sweet. It is the most amazing tale of two lost souls and
how they did meet.


You have chosen to come forth and to assist humanity

To be strong and free

And to love unconditionally


Somewhere along the way you got sucked into the trappings, rules and confusion that we have created for ourselves as a species.

You are not your job, you are not your car, you are not your house.

You just are.  That is enough.


Feel the enoughness of it

Sit and relish how good it feels

Be thankful for the experiences that you have had – they are bringing you back to you.


You have my love – but you don’t need it.

You are pure love and, if you allow it, the love that you are will be reflected back to you over and over again.

Have no expectations, goals or insistence on anything having to be a certain way at a certain time – from inside or outside of you.

Just be.


When you feel despair – sit and acknowledge it.

“I see you despair but I am moving on now.  You had me in your power but I am ready to go.

Maybe I feel guilt and unworthiness today but I know that I am much more than that.

Jealousy can eat at my very soul and send me into hatred and rage.  Thoughts of revenge keep me company for many nights but I know that anger is not a place for me to be.

The discouragement that I feel is enormous and so I reach for something or someone to blame.

The worries come crashing in closely followed by doubt and disappointment.

I move on regardless… overwhelmment.

But this cannot stop me from feeling frustration and impatience with this game.

I am achieving the peace that I crave as the boredom too wears at my soul.

I am sitting quietly and long……then here comes contentment and I feel more hopeful and optimistic.  The positive beliefs that I feel more and more brings on enthusiasm with a passion for knowledge, joy, appreciation, love and freedom.”



Holy cow, pig, goat….whatever…..I just realised that my “poems” are in fact chants!  Still buzzing.  Could just be my truth but I had to share. Go to that place deep inside and let it rip/pulsate/sing/tone 🙂

Freedom from Agenda 21 – Australian viewpoint

“You don’t have a soul, you ARE a soul.  You have a body.”   I like it 🙂

This is your opportunity to find out exactly what Agenda 21 is and how it will affect all of us including some very ignorant politicians who sheepily follow already established legislation handed down from the U.N. under the guise of climate change and environmentalism.

Grab a coffee, download this file and listen to Australian ex-politician Ann Bressington tell it like it is.

Inspiring, uplifting, informative, funny and instructive are some of the adjectives I would use to describe this enlightening interview – even though the matter seems dark.

Consider it an invitation to live your life as an individual, in your own power, fully informed.

or try this link directly to mp3 player



Hello from Possum and “WORDS”

Our excitement at Earths progress is one of awe.  Good going.  We watch and wait for the just the right time for each and every development to manifest into the human group consciousness.  Of course it already exists and simply awaits your knowing to be enjoyed.

The energy that you feel vibrating and pulsing through your every thought and event invites you to proceed further with your ascension and reclaim your rightful state of joy.

Embrace each new speed bump along the way and know that these have been manifested by you so that you can savour the contrast of what they bring.  Making the enjoyment of your ascension a truly awesome and worthwhile event.

My host has had some out of sorts experiences this week which has highlighted some yet to be resolved issues laying dormant within her beingness.  These issues, although small, keep repeating in her thoughts.  She pushes them away to only have them return more vehemently the next instant.  She has manifested these situations so that it gives her the experience to easily move past future like issues which may interrupt the ascension process.  We truly never get it done – so relax and appreciate all that is.  That’s why you’re here, for the experience.

Lets go, lets go, lets go! (Boy that “lets” is a funny word! hahaha)

Enjoy our poem as we part and we are never far away.  Love, love, love


Blah Blah
Blah Blah Blah
Words are blah blah
Blah Blah Blah

They cannot even nearly say
All the things happening  today.
Like feeling all the joy and hope
And coming home from our elope

We ran for fear of missing out
Boy did we not figure out!

Figure out that love lives here
Right here right now
It was so near!

Our world is precious
This I know
And everyone can do and show
Appreciation from their core
That and much much much much more

Our words wreak havoc all the while
When really they should make us smile
Never use them needlessly
Even when speaking to a tree

All life can teach us who we are
And show each other from afar
The joy and peace we do desire
These are the things that lift us higher

A word of note before I go
I just want you all to know
My life is better in many ways
By using words to thank and praise