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Families converge
Yards get a serge
Driving and walking
Talking, consorting

Life seems simpler

Delight in this time
Be good and relate
With acceptance and love
All the things that are great

Today is the only day of your life
No before
or after
can deter your laughter

Seek only to know now
What happiness is
For life on a Sunday
Is really a fun-day!


It’s all good.

This was delivered early this morning…. don’t you hate that!

“You are totally totally totally totally fine.

“As you make your way to your perfection, taking the path of least resistance; or even the most resistance, learning and experiencing, engaging your desire to do and be true to your soul’s design, we are here with you every step of the way. Do not think that you are alone in your endeavours because you are never truly alone. We may not be essentially visible to your current understanding, but we do exist in your life. We feel your every emotion, and share in your triumphs as we sit in support of all of your choices- there are no wrong ones, just different ones. They are simply yours to experience. We see how you feel constrained by conditioning that has been a part of your existence up until this point in your life; and how more and more you reach for the answers and decisions that are more suited to your desires.

“Thinking of others before yourself can lead to delays in the creations you crave; and, in the long run, do not serve those you seek to please. Their journey is their’s and such is the nature of humanity; interference can confound and confuse beyond our desires and ultimately cause delays to ourselves and those others you are determined to ‘right’.” Possum

possum picture

Freedom from Agenda 21 – Australian viewpoint

“You don’t have a soul, you ARE a soul.  You have a body.”   I like it 🙂

This is your opportunity to find out exactly what Agenda 21 is and how it will affect all of us including some very ignorant politicians who sheepily follow already established legislation handed down from the U.N. under the guise of climate change and environmentalism.

Grab a coffee, download this file and listen to Australian ex-politician Ann Bressington tell it like it is.

Inspiring, uplifting, informative, funny and instructive are some of the adjectives I would use to describe this enlightening interview – even though the matter seems dark.

Consider it an invitation to live your life as an individual, in your own power, fully informed.

or try this link directly to mp3 player




I am taking the easy road on this one – I cannot say better than the below websites!  Seems excessive to some but when you get the facts on this amazing food – neither vegetable, fruit or animal (in it’s own food group) – you won’t wonder why there is a movement involved with it’s existence.


Button mushrooms are among the easiest types to grow.  Grow in trays of 15cm (6″) composted manure, add spores – this makes spawn.  Keep heated, cover with a wet cloth and spray/spritz often until the tiny roots appear.  Then cover the spawn with 2.5cm (1″) of potting soil.  Grow in dark, cool, moist, and humid environments.  A heating pad might be useful.

You should see mushrooms appear 3-4 weeks in. To harvest cut the stalks with a sharp knife – do not pull them up.  A crop will give you mushrooms for 6 months harvesting every day.


Here’s a simple mushroom soup recipe:-

Cook leeks in butter, add garlic and cook 1 min, add mushrooms and cook 2 mins.  Sprinkle over some flour and cook for 1 min.  Add stock gradually (4 cups).  Reduce the heat and simmer on low for 5 mins.  Cool and puree until smooth.  Stir in cream and reheat.  Meanwhile melt extra butter and cook extra mushrooms for 2 mins.   Top with crumbled goat cheese, extra mushrooms and cracked black pepper.  Yuuummmm

Of course, as with all food, they’re much better for us raw – as Mother Nature intended.


Feel the wind in your hair
And the sun on your face
Consider this
Mother natures embrace

The grass is all green now
The sky is all blue
The stars in the sky
Say, boy I love you!

From sun up till sun down
And right through the night
Our mother adores us
Never gives up the fight

The fight for our well-being
The fight for our life
But She cuts to the chase
When she feels there is strife

She reminds us all harshly
So we won’t forget
When a community falters
With deep regret

Take heed for the future
For all the new souls
Being born to our loved ones
And their future goals

Mother earth needs to be nurtured
The same way you do
So unite in the fight
To see our way through


I have never been overly fond of celery and I usually throw away the leaves (which I didn’t like doing), the kids never took to it and it all seemed a bit nothing to me.  Turns out it is nothing in the calorie stakes and can also reduce weight and lower blood cholesterol!  Who knew.

Some other worthwhile benefits of this plant/herb are that it is a powerful antioxidant; the leaves help maintain healthy mucus membranes and skin and eye-sight; fresh celery is beneficial in the treatment of Alzheimers, for bones, heart rate and blood pressure; the essential oil is a soothing remedy for nervousness, osteoarthritis and gouty-arthritis; seeds and roots remove excess water through urine and help with breast milk.


Wash the leaves and stem in cold water in order to remove surface dirt, fungicide, and pesticides.  Seperate leaves and stalks.  Peel the outer tough skin on stalks.  Cut into cubes or slice it and rinse soon in lemon or orange juice to prevent oxidation.


Fresh leaf, root, and stalks used in salads, and stews; stalks as an accompaniment for dips (instead of biscuits); stalks in the lunchbox, fill with curried eggs; blend dried leaves with himalayan or sea salt to make celery salt; or use leaves and stalks in green juices.


Grow mid season – no extreme temperatures; any soil – prefers friable loam (don’t they all!); takes 10-12 weeks; lots of water; apply nitrogen and potassium 2 to 3 times during the growth.

See now, just this simple food/herb has become a favourite of mine.  Sometimes I have to shake my head at why we let these things escape our notice.

Also, I noted that care should be taken as with all homeopathic remedies for certain conditions.  This is further proof to me that natural remedies are equally as potent as the manufactured drugs we are doled out in pharmacies today 😦  It’s only been a hundred years yet we have forgotten their value.

I borrowed this picture from a fellow blogger twochancesvegplot so thank you very much.



I began my love affair with Barbendensis Miller 27 years ago.  I was looking for a casual income stream after having my first baby and wanting to be a stay-at-home mum.  Of course, syncronistically, I came across what I first believed to be a cosmetic company.  It turned out that this companys’ product range was based around Aloe Vera.  Grace Cosmetics also known as Pro-ma Systems.

Through the use of these products which included an aloe juice I was able to clear a dermatitis on my face which I had endured until that time.

The problem/benefit of being well-informed is that I have been warry of other “products” containing Aloe Vera since that time because of the delicate and precise way the plant has be grown, harvested and processed to ensure any benefits if not harm from the plant.  (I found a technical site and will post below for those thus inclined).  As Grace Cosmetics is a Multi-level marketing company I have not seen their products for some time but am still very ready to blow their horn.

Instead now I grow the plant and use it topically, especially for burns.  As it is widely considered to be the closest plant organism to the human skin – including being 99.5% water –  it has many of the elements required to rejuvenate the skin tissue .


Fillet the leaf as you would a fish.  The clear gel in the centre is the thing we are looking for.  You will find a yellow gooey substance between the outer skin and the clear gel in the centre of the plant.  The yellow substance is quite poisonous especially if taken internally and serves to protect the plant from attack from insects.


Use it fresh.  Put a piece of the fillet onto the wound and wrap with cotton cloth.  The moisture will transfer from the gel to your skin – leaving a shrivelled up piece of debris.  Replace as required, usually every 4-6 hours.  Use for burns, stings, minor wounds, rashes.

I once picked up a hot light bulb and placed the gel from the plant on the burn and by the next morning my skin was a very healthy rosey red colour.   The pain went almost immediately.  This is just one of many burn stories I could tell.