look deep

My take on Purple Rain

Living blindly
Causes pain
If I could only see you as God sees you
Joyful in the heavenly mists
I want to see you basking in God’s Glory
Always near
As dear friends
Respecting choices
And rejoicing our love
Life is a chance for changes
Reaching for our perfection
That means you too
Let your soul be your leader
And treat it well
It can guide you to the heavenly realms
We all can reach out to the purple reign

Purple Rain lyrics

My poem ‘Look Deep’


…not always as they seem

Alice Cooper is a Christian


Look deep for the meaning
Take a note of the words
Total gems are right there
For you to be heard

Inspired dedications
Uplifting and clear
From Alice to Usher
You’ll find them all here

Nearly a verse will escape
This powerful trend
Because, as with all inspiration
The spirit defends

Defends all your goodness
And helps you to see
That no matter the choices
Life is meant to be free

In the words of Bad Company
“…….Don’t you know
Don’t you know that you are
a shooting star

And all of the world will love you
Just as long
Just as long as you are”