Marriage Re-assessment

Some take-aways I put together from a recent talk by Pastor James MacDonald. No life partner? All the better to learn these lessons now.

Marriage reassessment


Mothers Wisdom 10.04.14

“People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.”

So, so true.  Not necessary to work each out, just accept what is and know everything is happening in perfect timing. Enjoy my poem about this subject.  Much love.


I solemnly promise
To do as I please
To have you and hold you
And love you with ease

Our beautiful union
Is one made on trust
And something a little closer to lust

For as long as our paths match
You’ll have me with you
Nothing can stop me from loving you

Even in darkness
And deep despair
Our bond will be a comfort
To help us repair

For loving each other
Is a breath of fresh air
To a  union of souls
Nothing does compare

This journey will take us
To peaks high and low
But never be sorry
When you have to go

Stay true to your spirit
Give it your all
When your life summons
You must answer the call

Promises made at the core of our being
Keep knocking and knocking –
They will have us fleeing

Take with you my imprint
And know in your heart
That our goodness is greater
Than when we did start

Mothers Wisdom 16.03.14

Don’t make your happiness depend on someone else – the burden is too great and they react accordingly. …Enjoy the contrast

For those of you who enjoy a poem or two here is a favourite of mine that I wrote in the throws of a near marriage breakup.  Through the art of allowing things to flow and weather the emotions we were able to salvage and strengthen our bond expotentially.  As we are all walking our own paths it does not always work out this way but as long as we appreciate the ground that we cover in any relationship all will be well….we are new each day anyways.