Desire for God

Extract from a discussion at the book group of Through The Mists – chapter 11. Part one of full discussion

[01:07:50.03] Audience: (Teresa) That brings me to a question I had about that chapter. About my motivation for seeking God. This is something I’ve thought about before; and I thought : does it matter if the only reason I’m looking for God is so I don’t hurt anymore; or is it I can use it to be more, I don’t know, have more pure desire? Does it matter if it’s just to get out of the pain?


[01:11:12.15] Mary: Very much so. You’re wanting from God – as lots of you pointed out, very eloquently – you know, there’s an addiction, actually, you’re wanting to set up with God. And it will backfire (laughter). You’re not going to get far before God’s going to want to confront you with : It’s not going to work, my daughter; you’re going to actually embrace pain in order to grow. What do you feel about that?

(conversation picks up a bit later)

[01:11:41.16] Audience: (Teresa) I feel, and I’m getting rid of that feeling of pain, but it still feels like that’s the driving force behind it; just to be happy; and I’m not sure of the pureness of that desire – maybe not so much to get out of pain, but to just be happy, is that…..


[01:12:04.09] Mary: Yeah. Can I put to you a different desire? Rather than desiring to be happy, could you desire to be whole? Could you desire to be all of Teresa? Whether that’s painful or pleasurable or joyful or fearful; and whether that takes you in a direction that you never have gone before. Down a path of desire of creativity that you never thought would ever be a part of you. That’s the sort of thing… that’s the desires we’re going to have if we’re going to have a relationship with God. This feeling that : I’m going to trust you, God; and I’m going to desire to not only know you but to know me. Both desires we really need if we’re going to grow towards God. And right now, me is not that happy; or happy sometimes, but there’s sadness sometimes. And, yes, it’s true, when we really grow in this relationship with God, sadness will be a thing of the past. So, it’s not bad to want joy, you know, it’s not. But if that’s your only….for example, if you want to be happy without being whole, it’s impossible in a true sense. By using the word ‘whole’ I mean to really know yourself; to really embrace everything that’s in you right now, but also the potentials of things, the great things that are in you. You have to be willing to face your fear of those things. You’re not going to have a desire for them : Yep, I’ve got that, you know, because otherwise you’d already be experiencing them. So there’s going to be fears to face as we do that, to embrace everything that’s within us now; and everything that we have the potential to be, that’s also scary sometimes. Yeah. But that’s the kind of desire that will carry you very close to God. So, I agree with what the girls said about being real with where you’re at, and just engaging God in that right now and saying : look, this is what I feel right now. Can you give me truth about this. Can you show me how this is going to work and be beautiful. But I don’t think you’re alone in that feeling, Teresa. I think a lot of people feel that it would just be good to be out of pain; and feeling like there’s a lot of pain. But as we develop humility, we’ll develop the willingness to not only experience the pain, but just experience what God is bringing to us. You know. Good question.

Mothers Wisdom 17.03.14

We are all looking for an enemy so we can experience our worth.  Let us simply accept our excellence now……Enjoy the contrast.

The basis of this concept comes from the great Alan Watts.

I’d also like to share “The Art of Allowing” – a short poem of major significance!  Lol – I think so anyway.

Mothers Wisdom 15.03.14

Embrace your oneness and proceed from your most joyous point.  It cannot fail.   It is your emotional guidance system and it is yours alone. ..Enjoy the contrast

My poem “This Life” helps to demonstrate my point.  Enjoy 🙂

Mothers Wisdom 14.03.14

Feed your loved ones a daily dose of the 3 A’s – affection, attention and appreciation. Thanks to Teale – thespiritualcatalyst for that little reminder.

Here’s a link to “Life” another one of my ditties that seems appropriate to this thought.

Share what you know

It’s hard to explain what you know sometimes because you just know – everyone would have had one of those experiences where you just know.  Whatever it is, you just know!  You need to look out for them because it’ll be the universe calling – “are you listening?”

Usually we don’t trust our gut instincts.  We look for the hard and fast evidence and you cannot for the life of you convince anyone else.  That’s because they have their own knowing and usually it’ll be quite different to yours because…ta dum…they aren’t living your life.

Sorry, I just don’t buy into the facts anymore.  The line in the sand keeps on moving – what? the earth isn’t flat?! Call me naive if you wish but I’m sure I have everything I need right here with me and have had from the time I came in – otherwise it just doesn’t make sense.  If I need to know it I will, at exactly the right time.  “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.  How many of you know more now than you did when you came away from your formal education?  Because y0u didn’t need to know it then, or, if you did you had the opportunity to learn it – in perfect timing.

If people who are largely uneducated can still have the sun come up in the morning and the stars at night; the plants grow and the water flow;  and the wind blow and the seasons come and go.  They breath in and out just like me and have done from birth.  No amount of knowledge can stop your emotions, no amount of money can make us happy. What we came in with is what we go out with.   So – I’m trusting in me.  I encourage you to do the same.  Trust what you know.

Don’t get scared into thinking that we cannot think for ourselves and do not have a clue!  I strongly suggest that you stop watching the news for a start…..grappling for the same tiny bit of “bad” news splayed hour after hour on our airwaves.  All people are love, like you are love.  Sure their experience might be something different than yours at this time but I’m sure they didn’t come in plotting a bomb attack or planning a murder…their life has led them where they are.  Love, forgiveness, understanding – these things can mend.  Anyway, if you aren’t tuned in to their frequency you won’t be involved.  You know – to continue to telly concept – just like during the ratings, if not enough people are watching, the show will get axed!

That’s what I know.

If you get the chance please watch the movie Happy and put your set to good use.  I get happy just thinking about it!  Here’s a link to the trailer.  Also, check out my poem “Look Deep”.

Just syncronistically found this post on “Channeling Erik” further demonstrating my point.

Parking Area

Some thoughts I’m parking here – stay tuned for expansion!

–         You get what you expect – so expect love, expect joy and expect harmony.

–         Free to be you – it is your birth right so claim it

–         What do you believe

–         It is all true

–         Be the you you came to be

–         Ever expanding thoughts

–         Think it and be it

–         Perfect productions

–         Can change from moment to moment

–         Self contained kit

–         Look within for the answers

–         It never ends

–         Death is just another concept to get over and start living

–         Words are always inadequate.  They will fail you,  they can delight you.

–         The animals have it going on

–         Resonate resonance guidance system

–         A knowingness – my knowingness

–         Kick up the butt

–         Share what you know

–         Intend to inspire and assure

–         Knowledge is for everyone

–         Growth for our universe

–         It’s all okay

–         Poems alone never felt complete

–         Relaxed into the solution to my asking

–         Prayers are the asking

–         Meditation is the allowing

–         The knowingness of athletes

–         Any successful person knows to believe

–         You want to feel better.  Period.

–         Dis-ease

–         Majestic cell reproduction – like us

–         Take responsibility and own your life- it doesn’t belong to your mother,  your boss or your even your maker – it’s yours to do and be whatever you want

–         People will get hurt if they choose to but the solution to that even is to claim their own lives back and know that they are the most important person.  They can allow you to teach that to them. ..or not. really is their choice.

–         We are pure love and whatever is happening is happening for a reason and at exactly the right time and place

–         Dejavu – think you’ve been there before?  Know that person- think about it

–         Seeing Paul for the first time

–         Holding yourself apart from the you – you know you are

–         Predictive text/gps – few choice

–         Downloaded – More and more people who know what I’m talking about

–         Hope that noone needs to read this – just to appreciate it

–         20 hours to learn something – hope for a knowingness at the end

–         You will know when you know and it will be the perfect solution for you

–         Stay open because you didn’t learn everything you need to know by the time you left school.   You should have come away from that experience with more questions than answers

–         Keep asking and allowing

–         Found myself chatting and realizing that that I had a poem for just that subject

–         Everything really is just one subject and that subject is you and that’s alright.   It’s alright to be selfish.   If you’re not pleasing you you’re pleasing someone else.   That doesn’t help them or you.  They cannot grow, they are depending on you for their survival and the authentic you knows that is not the way to wholeness and happiness- so you push them away and you don’t know why.  You can nourish them with the elixir of life – love.

–         So many signs that we miss on the way- all okay. . There’s always another sign down the road not too far.  Neon signs are everyone now.

–         My vibration is strong

–         Energy and Einstein

–         Wonderful powerful teachers – be them

–         Judge not – everything you encounter is a new sign for you.

–         Time for appreciation not resistance, revenge or regret

–         Ease into remembering who you are and why you came

–         Try not to take that concept away from the babies – moulding them into something they are not