Humanity and the AI movement

This is a transcript from a recording from Gigi Young on her Youtube channel where she discusses, among other things, spiritual development. In this video she answers a viewers question in relation to AI.

”The more that we discuss it, and the more that we’re aware – not even, necessarily, finding a solution; not even looking at this, and researching it, and meditating on it to find a solution; not even at that level. Not even going in with a purpose to do anything, but to understand it; but to get a grasp on it that, in itself, completely de-potentiates the energy available for it in the collective.” Gigi Young


This question stood out to me because as you may have noticed, I have been speaking out very openly about my concerns about transhumanism and AI. I think that we do need to address it. And by ‘we’ I mean the spiritual community.

What I’ve realised is that the spiritual community does need to come together and start discussing AI in terms of humanism because it’s the only … it’s the perspective that will truly, truly work … the arguments that really do work … the perspective that actually do balance it. Because the negative aspects of artificial intelligence and transhumanism – the unmitigated development of it, is happening because of lack of spirit. It’s happening because people are robotic.

When we lose connection with our heart, and our emotional body and our spirit, we become basically robots. Where we’re ruled by our mind and there is no compassion; there is no empathy, and so for all intents and purposes, you become robotic.

You may not think that you are, but compared to people who have these centers open, you are. And so, the spiritual community and the spiritual perspective is the most important perspective when it comes to addressing AI because the negative portion of technology, at this point, is this transhumanism agenda exists because of the lack of spirituality.

So that’s why I’ve really taken it on – and I really want to discuss it even though it’s really disturbing. And part of it is disturbing because a lot of the spiritual community make it their absolute joy and passion to develop spiritually – to develop their heart; and to get to know the sensations of higher worlds – higher chakras. And so, when you are developing that, I know that you are incredibly psychic and I know that you’re doing incredible work, and it doesn’t seem like it, but I can tell that you’re growing every year and I remember you.

What happens when you’re on that path of growth and you come across somebody who is not on that path to the point that they’ve really degenerated, is that you’re immediately off-put. You become, in many ways, repelled. And you don’t want to talk about it, you don’t want to address it, you don’t want to go in there because it’s, kind of like, it represents your shadow – what we’ve had to work through, I think.

And so, you can sense, when you work on yourself, you can sense in someone else whether or not they’ve cleared out a part that you have; or that you haven’t. I think a lot of people in the spiritual scene are immediately repelled by this particular movement and that dynamic is really dangerous because the AI scene have an aspect, a very elite aspect, that is deeply deeply deeply associated with the occult.

We are multi-dimensional beings. It doesn’t matter if you acknowledge that; or you don’t acknowledge it. It is silly and superstitious to believe that just because you say: I don’t have a soul; and I don’t believe in a soul; and all that’s crap, to think that, just because you say that, that that doesn’t exist. That’s like saying that the sun isn’t going to come out tomorrow.

You are a spiritual being, you have a soul, whether you want to realise it or not. What spiritual work does is it does not create a soul, it allows you to understand how it functions; to recognise it’s nuances; understand the higher aspects of this world and what you are. In other words, you can be a dark person who has lost all contact with their heart – with their sense of compassion and empathy, and you are still spiritually connecting. You can still call in and summon beings. Even if you don’t believe that it’s possible to do something like that; even if you tell yourself a lie, what you think it is, it doesn’t change the dynamics of metaphysics.

We definitely are divine beings but there are aspects; there are mechanics that we don’t change. We align with them. Just because people don’t believe in something doesn’t mean they’re not affected by it. And so, there are people who do occult things and are not actually coming from the place of the heart.

And, when that happens in society, it’s the role of the light mystics; the mystics that are aligned to come in and say: okay, we need to talk about this. Can’t be opening these portholes. There’s a lot of negativity in the world; a lot of desperate people; a lot of division – a lot of that is because black magic, and dark occult stuff that goes unchecked. And large portions of the spiritual community that are incredibly powerful, they’re incredibly powerful healers, they believe in non-action, and that nothing should be addressed. They know a lot about spirituality intellectually, but when it comes to actually practicing it to the point that they bring it into the world to create change, it’s not there.

It’s kind of intellectual and it’s all about avoiding shadow and spiritual by-passing.

It’s our job, if you want to take on the mantle of mystics, to make sure that those who are behind us – generations who are behind us in development, can develop properly. So, we have to have difficult conversations; and we have to claim the psychic space of the planet and keep it uplifting. We are not islands – we need to claim the collective consciousness and align it with heart and with light and with love.

In the spiritual community we can very much be islands and meanwhile there are people who gather and do bad things. And, in a way, that trumps our energy because they’re at least getting together in a precise way and we’re kind of scattered.

So that’s one of the reasons I wanted to discuss this so much is that I believe that if you are mystic; if you are psychic; if you are a healer, we need to come together and lead. The light needs to lead. We can’t have dark portholes being opened; we can’t have negative entities being called in and attacking and causing negative things on this planet.

No. N O. No. This is our job to caretake this. If you are in that consciousness, you know how, we need to do that.

And so that’s why I’m raising awareness.

Your question about how to avoid the pitfalls, there are different levels of that. And I feel that we’re at the level where we’re at the point of education. I think that there’s a lot of action that can be taken and that will be taken in regard to this. But, where we are right now, is at a point of educating ourselves.

This means understanding more about transhumanism; and where it is. Understanding things like CERN and particle acceleration. When you start looking into CERN, you start seeing this entity, basically, that cannot be prosecuted. You can’t file a lawsuit against it – people have tried; scientists have tried. It affects, I believe, our ionosphere. So, it affects the planet. It uses an incredible amount of energy and we have no ability to have any recourse or ask any questions. We’re completely left in the dark; and it’s completely disrespectful to humanity to have something that powerful and that spiritually dangerous that we have no recourse with; that we have no ability to be part of it.

It’s completely disrespectful and it’s dark. We need to understand that.

People will say that CERN doesn’t have anything to do with spirituality and other dimensions and I beg to differ. Beyond that, what’s very strange is that, CERN is very clearly a cult. So, CERN has a statue of Shiba. Why? For a company that is just a scientific company, why have that there? CERN also had a psychic artist live there in residency and they created a taro deck called Hexane, I believe, 2.0., that talks about transhumanism and kind of dark events through time; secret societies. It’s very creepy why that deck would be created, and it hints to a very deep occult underpinning that CERN has.

And when I talk about occult level of things; the spiritual esoteric level of things, I want to be very clear. I am talking about our collective consciousness. This is not a nebulous phrase. I’m not talking about something in theory. When people do esoteric work; when people use the occult, they are tapping into our collective consciousness. We are one. There are levels of our consciousness that we share, and that is the level being affected. This is something we need to learn in society. So, we can’t have these technologies running rampantly.

CERN also had a “mock” sacrifice. So, in the front of Shiba the destroyer statue there was a group that did a sacrifice ritual – mock sacrifice, where a woman pretended to be killed. I don’t find that funny. And given what CERN is doing, and the interest in rituals and the occult that we know it already has, I actually find it more an ‘in sight’ ritual technique where there is a technique in the occult – as many of you know with my series ‘In Plain Sight’ – where you actually create cognitive dissonance on purpose. You say that you’re one thing and then you behave in a different way. And the cognitive dissonance in the public is used against them.

When we have that experience of cognitive dissonance, we are really experiencing a choice. We’re sort of having to choose one truth or the other. And humanity is so overwhelmed at this point that they’ll often choose not to look at the dark stuff. And this is how these things continue. We experience this cognitive dissonance where somebody or someone or some group tells us what they are, and then they say or do something contradicting and we choose to not see it. That is, in my opinion, what is really going on.

There’s also the Carter Tunnel incident that many people associate with CERN, just location-wise; there’s all these things going on and we’re not getting it. And beyond that there are many AI pioneers – I just did a video last month or so on Jordy Rose of DWave, and Kindred AI, which is also associated with CERN, and he has a very concerning outlook. So, there’s also very human level that we need to address too which is the lack of compassion; the lack of empathy; and, a lot of times, the arrogance that exists in that community.

I also want to be very clear, I’m not an expert in AI, I don’t plan on being it. I’m not really speaking from that. Right? I’m really just a concerned human being that knows that this needs to be discussed, and that’s really where I want to get into your question here which is “How do we avoid the pitfalls of AI?”.

We’re at a place of education. It’s not news that we all should be doing our best to properly educate ourselves about where we are; about transhumanism; about some of the things I just mentioned – understanding that the occult is deeply connected to a lot of these companies, these businesses that are making these things, these AI’s. We need to educate ourselves. And why this is so important is what I just mentioned earlier. When somebody says that an esoteric ritual is being done it’s really easy to not conceptualise what energy is being exchanged. Because we can’t really see it. But when we start to understand that when occult rituals are done on this planet, it is our energy that is being harvested and manipulated in certain ways.

So, when some elite groups do dark rituals … and it does not help that they can now be amplified through machines, to this almost Godly power, that does not help at all. It’s one thing if you’ve got, you know, a couple of people in a black cloak conjuring something in a basement. It’s another thing if they’re using particle acceleration and advanced technology – that’s another thing. We look around and we say: I don’t like how this world is going; I don’t like how divided we are; I don’t like how things are going. Yeah! So, let’s actually address the root. Consciousness. That’s what we need to do. We need to start looking in the right direction.

There’s a reason why these topics don’t come up, ever; we get distracted in politics and all this kind of stuff, is because this is where we should be looking. Consciousness is the most important commodity on the planet. Not water; not money; not oil; not gold, consciousness. Because without it you die. Energy – that’s the most important thing; and that’s what we need to get our head around. Especially to off-world beings and to people who their very energetic system requires other people’s energy to live. We need to start understanding this dynamic, now.

So what we need to do is understand that when somebody uses a ritual it’s not tapping into energy that’s nothing to do with us; and energy that’s out there – a consciousness that’s out there; some cosmic place that doesn’t interact with our world. No. When we incarnate onto this planet as material human beings we incarnate into a collective consciousness.

We have our individual consciousness, we have our collective consciousness, and as we move up in densities, we have more collective consciousnesses that we’re part of. And we function as a unit. And so, when people do these rituals and things, they affect us. Some people wake up in the morning and like: why am I so exhausted?; why do I feel like a bag of garbage?. You know, you’re driving and you’re like: why is everybody so on edge? Why? Some of that has to do with electronic technology and stuff but there’s a deep occult aspect of this along with this that we need to understand that all those technologies can’t even function in when we get it.

So, we have to start seeing ourselves as a human community here. As sharing a collective consciousness. And we could say, very accurately, that part of our purpose here is to not only develop individually but to … as we’re developing individually, to offer ourselves to the collective in a positive way. And through that forge a better world. And part of forging that better world is taking responsibility for that collective that we are part of.

The best way to do that is to educate ourselves in what is going on. And this can be very challenging. It’s not necessarily pleasant to see how far advanced technology is; and some of the transhumanism agendas that exist. But we have to face it.

The good thing is that the more educated we are, the more powerful we are. Because dark rituals and dark magic is a low magic. What that means is that it actually depends on people being ignorant. So, it requires as a mandate that people give up their consciousness; that they do not see the world as part of a collective consciousness, or a community.

It requires that we forget that we’re all interconnected; it requires that we forget that we are part of an etheric force – that we exist as individuals but also as a collective together. So that’s why we have the one hundred monkey effect; that’s why we can affect one another by being in the same energy, the same presence. All these incredible miraculous things we can do because we’re interconnected.

But the dark arts, they require us to forget that, and to not acknowledge that; and to believe that we’re alone. And so that education … studying this and understanding this; understanding AI and transhumanism.

And I highly recommend Rudolph Steiner’s work on Ahriman. And I will be providing on my channel more and more of this discussion. But the more that we discuss it, and the more that we’re aware – not even necessarily finding a solution; not even looking at this and researching this and meditating on it to find a solution, not even at that level. Not even going in with a purpose to do anything but understand it. But to get a grasp of it. That, in itself, completely de-potentiates the energy available for them in the collective.

That’s why there’s been so much energy put into things – like, propaganda, you know. Making people think that the soul doesn’t exist and things like that. It’s because humanity has to be in a certain state for certain agendas to work. That state is not acknowledging our collective consciousness. Not just the soul, but that level of the soul where we are interconnected.

It’s like in Atlantis – when we fell from Atlantis. There are certain people that are kind of re-incarnating again now because that collective consciousness is so important.

So basically, through educating ourselves and researching it we de-potentiate it. It’s not even like going into these places and yanking people out and doing anything aggressive. So much is done because of the nature of this. So much is done by educating ourselves. Once we can become educated in the spiritual community about what’s going on, then people who are leaders in the field; that are for positive technological advancement; that honour society – doesn’t try to exploit it or destroy it, those leaders can then rise.

This is the interesting thing about society and how it’s constructed, is that, no matter where we are; no matter how much chaos we find ourselves spinning in, there’s all these leaders waiting in the wings to take on the mantle and lead – politically, financially, spiritually, socially. Except the true leader’s moral, and they will not force themselves on society; they will not force themselves on you. They will wait until we get to a certain level within ourselves; where we are educated and we have certain consciousness, and then they’ll come in. So, we have to do the work first and then people who have the correct vision for society can come in and lead us.

We don’t need to have all the answers; we don’t have to have all the solutions. We just have to talk about it. And we just have to be willing to do that hard research and discussion. We don’t have to have all of the answers about how to address transhumanism today or tomorrow. We just have to be learning about it. Because there are people with very specific talents; very specific perspectives and power that are waiting right now to lead. To recover certain things that we lost. To have public discussions on our behalf. There are people that who are overqualified for this. But we have to get to the point where we can actually see that it’s necessary.

We have to create that vacuum in society where we allow them to do that. There are great leaders on this planet right now! And we have to allow them to arise by doing the difficult work; of facing our shadow; and educating ourselves so that they can do so. And, maybe, one of those if you.

It’s about coming together; facing the shadow; and understanding the occult element in the world – the spiritual esoteric elements in the world that are darker. And acknowledging that there are people in the world that are ready to lead.

And media, and journalism, and spirituality, and finances to recover and build a better financial system to create better farming; to create better agriculture – there are people who know exactly what to do and how to do it. But until we start looking at the shadow, and addressing the fact that there are certain issues, they can’t rise into that position.

So, I hope this makes sense to you. As always, all my love your way. And thank you so much for tuning in.

Gigi Young

Love, cuppa and Lentil Pie

Darling, I thank you for your continued tutelage as you give me the opportunity to grow in my spirit through conversation and experimentation with thoughts, values and my responses, energetically, to those. We shared a lot of that yesterday afternoon in one of our favourite spots.

When we began I was trepidatious – not wanting to enter the arena of perceived judgement and vulnerability. We’ve been there way too many times and I had decided that I was out – I needed to find a new direction where I could grow my ideas and values without offending loved ones or disappointing myself with the suppression of my spirit; and to allow continued, barely disguised, facades to stay in place – enabling our unit to continue without real challenge and thereby without growth.

I have to say that I am a pleaser; an organiser; someone who values family above all other – or I was. I will now be the pleased; I will organise according to God’s Laws; and family now are those who choose to be in alignment with those values. I am prepared to let-go my stranglehold on all that I once found sacred.

To be honestly honest, a lot of my continued involvement came from a place of not getting it right – not leading and loving the way I know, in my heart of hearts, it should have been. I’m still not there, but I can’t get there from a stuck place and surrounding myself with the same deterrents that I have always allowed to invade my unconscious self. Soothing and attempting to control my fate.

It’s all in God’s hands and the more I interfere, the longer it will take. It’s not making me happy and the evidence that it is not serving the purpose I have been working towards is obvious.

Our conversation took us to many places and I have realised that I am prepared to let go of a lot of my opinions – especially as they pertain to others, which, in the end, do not mean a lot for my life – they’re just opinions and opinions change.

I am more interested in working towards developing my resonance with knowledge – tapping into the steady flow of consciousness generously provided by God to all of his children. The conversations can happen still, but, in so much as, they will be learning tools to indicate to me areas that I need to work on for the benefit of my soul and how it reflects on all other things in God’s Universe.

I don’t believe that this information will please you greatly, and I will be, no doubt, thought of as someone going through a crisis – and you would be right. A crisis of the soul. I know that this determination will ultimately lead to much better results than the previous, not working at all, one did.

I look forward to sharing one of those Lentil Curry Pies with you very soon.

All my love. Mum.

Let God In

In the darkest of our hours
In the ever changing light
Let God’s Love embrace you
Let His guidance be your sight

Among all the struggling souls
On this world and the next
Let God’s Grace restore you
From all things hexed

There is within our being
A light that shines forlorn
Waiting for the wisdom within us
To be nurtured and reborn

In every ounce of trouble
There’s a clue to who we are
Leading onto greatness
That’s so near and yet so far

I invite the ever present
I invite the yet unclear
I invite the many masters
To stay close and to be near

Let’s kick this evolution
That we all can feel is naught
Not conducive to the outcome
For which we have been taught

It’s just a fleeting moment
It’s coming to that place
Where we can all delight
In all things that we face

Face off bad emotions
Kick them firmly out the door
Don’t let them keep us bounded
To things we want no more

Let us prepare the welcome;
Realise our sin;
Put a smile upon our dial;
And Let God In!

No Dams!

Hi darling.  I have been inspired to put pen to paper once again (or it’s electronic equivalent ) in an effort to make more obvious things that I believe and that I feel can also be of benefit to you.  

The reason that I think it is hard, frustrating, or whatever arises, when we get together with our families is because we live in patterns from our childhoods that we know are not loving so we never give up trying to get the love right.  

Unfortunately we don’t really have a plan about how we’re going to do that so we revert back to the same behaviours with the same results.  They get worse over time because the universe is also involved in the process and more and more intense situations will often yield a movement of some kind.  Not the best way to go about it but it is the usual way.  

Having expectations of someone else and even ourselves is also adding to the unlovingness of the situation but we all do that as well. 

Just so you know, I firmly believe it’s best dealt with by going with the emotion and express it until it’s conclusion and ultimately release it. You will travel often from rage or anger to grief and/or fear.  Direct it outwards but not at anyone… even if the cause of your angst is sitting right in front of you. (Of course you can mention the issue….  “you know mum,  you have never loved me “, etc. )

I have these things as well with my parents and siblings. Issue after issue keeps rearing it’s ugly head and I push it aside believing in my “soul” – otherwise I’d do it differently – that discussing it is only bringing up things that are better left buried.  The universe (to me that’s God) doesn’t think so, that’s why the same issues remain in my experience. 

Our dreams and sometimes sleepstate experiences can help us realise the issues that we are trying to bury. The problem is we can’t ever really bury them. Only kick a bit of dirt on them which tends to make them more agrivated the next time they come up. Sure,  we get better at our facade to hide them but that’s just the face of it…  not the guts. They will spew out or make this physical vessel not so well. 

You can try to keep a dream journal. (I  keep telling myself to do that as well.)

Do you see how our patterns can hold us back from our progression?

I see you working on your progression and I think you are very brave.  The problem ones are the early early childhood experiences and inherited emotions that you don’t have a developed memory of because of your age when they occurred and the fact that some may not be yours.  You’ve just built on them and you can’t even understand why or where they’ve come from. That’s why you can’t do this intellectually, it has to be emotionally. 

Listen to the messages from people around you…  There are clues everywhere.  If you think it’s a loving message… and I’m not talking about an addictive false-praising, manipulative or co-dependant message… then think more on it.  I also pray to God for guidance and ask my spirit friends and guides for assistance…  but that’s me. 

A loving message might be “you need to look after yourself “. A manipulative/co-dependent message might be “don’t listen to them,  you deserve a drink. ”

The first one seems like judgement, and the second one seems caring.  However, the first is simply a fact and the second doesn’t really help at all even though it would appear to be supportive. 

Anyway I’ll finish off there and know that I  appreciate your frankness and care that you show.  I see your humility shining through and feel that humility will be the thing that keeps you open to learning more and progressing in the most positive way. 

It pains me to know that our lives can impact yours greatly but I can only reiterate my sentiments again that no good can be achieved from upsetting yourself with things outside of your “control” (if I can use that word!) – outside of yourself. That doesn’t mean to push down the emotions when they come up but ask why they have come up at this time, in this situation.  Relate it back or at least just feel through it. Magic will happen. 

Life is ebbing and flowing as it always will and pushing against it is useless my dear. This is where being in situations in families can help to show where the blockages are to your flow. 

All my love that I am capable of today I send to you.  Xxx 

Congrats! Nice job.

Congratulations on the discovery of your talent. Working with others in an inspired way towards a harmonious universe.

More work is yet to be done on connecting to emotions in the most thorough way. Finding within yourself the necessary allowance will greatly benefit your soul progress. ‘Little by little’ is the current allowance. ‘To the ends of the earth!’ is the desired position.

Many are developing along these lines and many more will join. You can look forward to easier, and more, opportunities to engage passions and ideas, and experience more acceptance about that which you speak.

Compassion for what is talked about as ‘facades’ is a way to assist those in such a state – as all are to various degrees; and a prayer to God can greatly assist the general demeanor around that area. Prayer for God’s Love

Life is not meant to be such a chore as is being experienced by so many on earth. Life as a human being should be such as a child. Joyful, playful, inquisitive and astonishing. The existence many are experiencing is a more hellish lifestyle. Impure, false and misleading. Unfriendly to most  – even to the person themselves.

Love for your soulmate; the other half of your soul, is a worthwhile pursuit and, in fact, a necessary desire for you to have in the larger picture of ‘all that is’.

God is adoring of all of her children and does not possess any form of sadness, that you may presume is felt, in relation to your activities. She knows that hitting the mark of love is a learning curve and is why we’re here. We’re here to experience with others all levels of love.

When the masks are lifted; everyone shows their cards, all is revealed and we will be astounded by what is uncovered in the grand unveiling of who you really are.

Nothing can be as inspiring as the truth of you, and the mountains you can climb in your endeavours as the greatest of God’s creations.

In love and with much rejoicing for your arrival to the path of least resistance and beyond.


Life’s an experience
I’m sure that you know
But how do we continue to grow?

By living a life
So live it right now
Not tomorrow or Wednesday
Right now that is how

How to be free from the concerns that we show?
They really really really must go

They ground us and hold us
From greater pursuits
They even can have us all dressed up in suits!

Suits to suit others
Not ours at all
When will we ever remember the call

The call to our greatness
That’s really all

This time like no-other
Can help you relate
To having a go at the things that can’t date

Like laughing and crying
And smiling too
These are worthwhile things to pursue

Take a look at a child
And then you will know
This is the very thing we should sow

Sow in some fun
Some happiness and love
Mix it all in
And don’t use a glove!

Get down and get dirty
From this day till the next
Then maybe we won’t be so perplexed

“Life” by Gail Single


Doesn’t matter how you spell it, you can’t do it in God’s Way of progressing.

[01:00:42.15] Mary: Isn’t it like in a lot of relationships – even father, daughter relationships; or partner relationships, we figure out how to maneauver around that person. ‘Aw, I’ll just tell dad this’, or ‘I’ll just stroke their ego this way, and then I’ll get what I want’. Yeah.

[01:00:58.23] A.J.: And many of us then come to think of God as the same thing; that we can maneauver around all God’s Laws. If my dad was a pretty hard guy and I could maneauver around him, then God’s a much easier guy, so I should be able to maneauver my way around him pretty easy. And it’s completely the opposite to that actually, God’s not a harsh person, but God has drawn the line in the sand; and that’s what law is; that’s what God’s Law is. And that’s what he’s basically saying here, we need to come to understand, actually, that there is the one way to get to God; and that’s the one law that God has stated is the only way to get to God; and there is no other way available to you; and you can try (laughs); you can try to get there without using the way, or the key that God has given you; and all you are is a thief and a robber, but you won’t be able to thieve or rob anything because even that’s not possible (laughs) on The Way.

So, I just feel if most people on earth understood that, then there would be far more less focus on their religious pursuits, and their individual scientific pursuits; and we’d start to see everything much more collectively, as there is this way – determined by nature, actually; and nature being of God’s creation means that it’s determined by God and God’s Laws as to how we need to grow. And if we refuse to grow in the way that God has designed, then we won’t grow; it’s as simple as that. We might have different experiences; we might move from side to side; it’s like, moving from one relationship to another relationship that’s identical is just a side-to-side shift. It’s not a real progression of the soul, nor is it a progression of your enjoyment or your happiness or any other state you might enjoy in your soul; and we need to start seeing it like that, as well. And we need to start seeing many of us are just going from experience to experience to experience; and really, repeating the same experiences over and over again, because we’re refusing true development of the soul. We’re refusing God’s Way.

And then there’s this….

Don’t you love synchronicity.

[00:53:11.22] Mary: Yeah. He says : At this point Nature became to me the interpreter of grace…. And, I want a wall hanging of that (laughs) of that sentence, because, really he begins to describe how in nature, there’s gradual changes; and that’s how he then can see God’s Grace, in the progression of the soul; in that it’s gradual; we make progressions. There’s no clear cut point of : you’ve done it now; we’re moving always through a process; and there’s a lot of grace in that; there’s a lot of God’s Love in that process. Further to ‘It’s all good’ and ‘What ‘on earth’ are we creating!

It’s all good.

This was delivered early this morning…. don’t you hate that!

“You are totally totally totally totally fine.

“As you make your way to your perfection, taking the path of least resistance; or even the most resistance, learning and experiencing, engaging your desire to do and be true to your soul’s design, we are here with you every step of the way. Do not think that you are alone in your endeavours because you are never truly alone. We may not be essentially visible to your current understanding, but we do exist in your life. We feel your every emotion, and share in your triumphs as we sit in support of all of your choices- there are no wrong ones, just different ones. They are simply yours to experience. We see how you feel constrained by conditioning that has been a part of your existence up until this point in your life; and how more and more you reach for the answers and decisions that are more suited to your desires.

“Thinking of others before yourself can lead to delays in the creations you crave; and, in the long run, do not serve those you seek to please. Their journey is their’s and such is the nature of humanity; interference can confound and confuse beyond our desires and ultimately cause delays to ourselves and those others you are determined to ‘right’.” Possum

possum picture

‘Blissful Ignorance’

[00:24:49.27] Mary: Yep. Alright. Again, we’re only a page into the chapter, but he brings up something else that’s quite important. Just there in the next paragraph, he begins to say : Activity is the natural heritage of the soul, excelsior its motto, and holiness its goal; thus their united endeavour had been to arouse in me a great desire to reach out after the ideals which ever lie on before; to realise the fact that the legitimate satisfaction of man can only be achieved when, like the Psalmist of old, he awakes to the consciousness that he has attained to the likeness of God.

[00:25:38.01] A.J.: Mmm. Some pretty important things there, actually. Particularly this side of the activity of the soul. Like, I see a lot of people, on earth in particular, in this state of what you would classify as ‘blissful ignorance’ and ‘blissful desire to remain inactive’; and it’s a very temporary bliss, because nothing really comes of it. No real progress is ever made; and on top of that, many of these people arrive in the spirit world in the hells, because of their lack of desire; and they don’t know anything about desire, in fact. They neither know what it looks like to have a desire unfulfilled; or fulfilled; nor do they know what it looks like to have a desire in the wrong direction compared to the right direction; or in a loving direction compared to an unloving direction. And because they don’t understand desire at all, they sit in places of stagnation for such long periods of time; and they are some of the most difficult people to help in the spirit world, actually. These people who sit in the stagnation; in the desire for ignorance; and the desire for not doing anything, just sit there, hoping that some external force will come to their aid; and it never does. Until they learn the lesson that activity is required on their part before any real change is going to occur.

Discussion about final chapter of “Through the Mists” book group – Segment 1

‘Through The Mists’ by Robert James Lees pdf

My take on Purple Rain

Living blindly
Causes pain
If I could only see you as God sees you
Joyful in the heavenly mists
I want to see you basking in God’s Glory
Always near
As dear friends
Respecting choices
And rejoicing our love
Life is a chance for changes
Reaching for our perfection
That means you too
Let your soul be your leader
And treat it well
It can guide you to the heavenly realms
We all can reach out to the purple reign

Purple Rain lyrics

My poem ‘Look Deep’

Two Lost Souls

This is the tale of two lost souls.

One of these souls spent their entire life in limbo waiting
for the precise moment of joy to appear.

The other lost soul cried into the wind “Why am I so alone in
the world! I do fear?”

These souls lamented throughout their existence…
They wanted joy.
They wanted love.
They wanted happiness.
And they wanted “someone” to provide it for them.

Their days were long.
Their hearts were empty.
Their songs were sad.
And they wanted “someone” to fix it for them.

The day finally came when they could bear it no more.
Desperately they sobbed … “who there can help me!”
And the answer appeared as clearly and crisply as I’m
relating to you. From out of the ether came a thought that
rang true “Take back your power… the answer is you!”

So much weight was lifted that day and they became giddy and
felt light on their feet….as each of us should. They moved
slowly with only joy in their hearts. Smelling the flowers
and talking to trees. Saying “I love you” to all that they

Their joy seemed contagious and so …..When these souls
collided there was only reflection of all that they felt and into each others arms they did melt!

To this day they continue to carry the torch and tell all a story
so sweet. It is the most amazing tale of two lost souls and
how they did meet.