In response……

…..to 10 Early signs of spiritual awakening

Through my filters……

Although it could be considered as one person’s journey, a journey is assisted by many souls of varying conditions and relevant to that person’s desires and condition.

I, Swedenborg, became a seeker, an allower, a transcriber, a soul seeking truth.

Because I was a scientist it was easy for me to make the correlation and transition from spiritual to factual. Now, allowing for the word of God openly, it would appear that I had suddenly transformed. However I would consider it an allowing, a release from the structured education I had received throughout my life to that point.

We are all children in fact, and all of God’s concepts and laws are created so that all can interpret and see no matter their age or condition.

The activities during my waking hours was a catalyst to the dreams and experiences that I was having in the spirit world.

Because I didn’t know what was happening I remained open and inquisitive to unfoldings that were happening for me and around me.

No. 10 – Sweating

The stuckness came from more earthbound knowledge not allowing the insights I was having to be accepted fully. My bodily form was reacting in it’s way to the conflict that was happening.

Temptation is an accurate word to describe the struggle of my earthly addictions and those I was learning from my spirit friends.

The struggle was, as I now know, a prayer to God. Forgiveness begins with ourselves and then easily extends to others through humility and releasing of the established tendencies of worship to learned knowledge; and the making irrelevant of our feelings. As I have always been pursuant of my desires, I had no trouble in the aspect of wishing (asking) for knowledge and instruction. Feeling on the other hand was an area of the unknown to the mind and a larger pursuit at that time. Makes you sweat and more!

No. 9 Weeping

Weeping is the further release of emotions that lay dormant and even unknown throughout my existence.

The other life to which I refer is the life of the spirit world. What seemed at the time to be the kingdom of heaven opened up, and continues to open up, to experiences and creations of profound understatement in those writings of times past. This situation has been made available to all of the souls that God has created. The situation of creating places/dimensions that perfectly match our current condition of love. The release of emotions – sometimes weeping – is the way to ascend the dimensions and become a soul of a higher and higher love condition with the explicit goal of becoming at-one with God. A state, we can only estimate, that will forever continue to grow, infinitely and forever.

Henceforth, not all souls find themselves in a place of pure upliftment but can be transgressed to the place that matches their condition of love. Hellish-like places that can leave those souls believing that the ‘God bashes’ were right after all and their after-life will be spent in such places as our minds could only fear.

It is unfortunate that the human condition and teachings often leads us to believe that God has not created for us the means to transcend a condition that would place us in these dimensions – which we have created for ourselves through the very mechanism that assists us to rise to higher dimensions. At no time is there not another being ready to assist us with more relevant information to the raising of our condition and therefore place of existing in in this unknown area of our experience.

I would like all to know that all are worthy, there are none who are unworthy. God created us all the same with the exception of our areas of interests – our personalities. He also gave us all free-will which inevitably gets us into trouble, but which is a way of learning that is far in exceedance to any other I have witnessed or participated in. Once we realise the power of this gift from God, we will surely make use of it in more loving and caring ways than has been our tendency in the past. It’s not a big step, really. We all know what is right and what is wrong, instinctively. We don’t always choose wisely because of injuries to our souls we have sustained along the way and from injuries, in fact, inherited from a steady stream of injuries in those who care for us from the start of our journey.

No. 8 Involuntary Thoughts

Everyone can do/does this.

No. 7 Seeing The Dead

The reasons for delays in communication occur when we are not ready for the answers. Some of this information was not directly from my relatives as I had determined at the time, but from other spirits sometimes presenting themselves as my relative with the intention of delivering their message to humanity through me. This occurs because of the condition of the person receiving the message, in this case myself, and the sympathic emotion of the spirit delivering the message. It has been my experience that people in the spirit world often believe that they have all of the answers, as we do so here on earth, yet often miss the mark of God’s Truth and therefore not as pure as we would desire.

No. 6 Double thoughts

Thoughts are dropped into our heads/brains/mind from various beings and mingle with our own. I was aware that the thoughts that I was experiencing at that time were not in alignment with the Truths that I had begun to realise. This happens when we begin the process of awakening (as some would call it) by spirits in a lesser condition wishing to hamper our progress for any number of reasons.

“Through Jesus Christ for the Lord” is the more accurate of the two stances I have espoused. Of course, my conviction now is that Jesus ‘Christ’ (a person who has been Christed/at-one with God) is the son of God as we also are sons and daughters of God. The title of Lord is a redundant term and is not in line with the structure of the relationship that exists. We are all children of God and He/She is our parent. ‘He/She’ as She has, within her personality, male and female qualities of which we also do to varying degrees.

No. 5 Gladness

No. 4 The usual tremors/chills

The trembling is the releasing of fears.

No. 3 Prostrated

No. 2 Pretanatural sleep

No. 1 Shuddering

The body in the human form is the expression of our spiritual and our spirit bodies experiences.

The majority of these experiences were with lower level spirits and not with the higher level and celestial beings with whom I am now acquainted. Again a reflection of my current level of development from the state of love.

Although I was also acquainted with spirits in a higher condition, my fears would often keep me in a place of destruction.

It is most important that the greatest consideration is to be given to our soul which envelops our spirit and human bodies without form. It is the pure form that God created and allowed for the placement into the bodies that we don as us. The experiencing and releasing of emotions that have harmed our souls and continue to create our experiences by attracting to us, often, things unwanted yet enlightening in their nature. The thing is to take notice, do not resist, feel the emotions they invoke – cry, scream, shiver, punch, kick, whatever it takes (just not at or to another soul) and release all errors and injuries to the soul to experience upliftment that you cannot imagine.

It is furthermore relevant to note that due to the vibrational effect, the betterment of your own soul will have a powerful effect on all and everything in the universe.

Shake, rattle and roll!


In the darkest of our hours
In the ever changing light
Let God’s Love embrace you
Let His guidance be your sight

Among all the struggling souls
On this world and the next
Let God’s Grace restore you
From all things hexed

There is within our being
A light that shines forlorn
Waiting for the wisdom within us
To be nurtured and reborn

In every ounce of trouble
There’s a clue to who we are
Leading onto greatness
That’s so near and yet so far

I invite the ever present
I invite the yet unclear
I invite the many masters
To stay close and to be near

Let’s kick this evolution
That we all can feel is naught
Not conducive to the outcome
For which we have been taught

It’s just a fleeting moment
It’s coming to that place
Where we can all delight
In all things that we face

Face off bad emotions
Kick them firmly out the door
Don’t let them keep us bounded
To things we want no more

Let us prepare the welcome;
Realise our sin;
Put a smile upon our dial;
And Let God In!

‘Let God In’ by Gail Single

‘Where there is life there is hope’

Good morning this is a wonderful opportunity to rectify some of the beliefs that I have been espousing for some time while I was on earth. Although my intentions were sincere to establish the human condition in such a way that they too could have access to the information readily available in the universe, I myself had many injuries that prevented me from accepting or interpreting this information with the greatest success.

I am Emanuel Swedenborg and I have a desire to now correct some of the misunderstanding that occurred at that time. While  it is true that to enable access to the information one should have an open and clear desire to establish contact with a stream of consciousness that can provide the answers to all questions that you may entertain, we cannot help but be afflicted with many errors by way of our growing up experiences and subsequently at times connecting to spirits who also had not accessed more pure information at that time. Remember that these experiences are in the past and are of no relevance to our lives now unless we choose to make them so. We make all of the rules in this regard, with no exception. Should we desire to continue to blame others and society then that shall also be so. On a number of occasions opportunities are afforded to me to see things in another way and I did not. In each case I felt the impurity of that action yet was afforded the right to see things as I did as this was part of my coming to what I know as source. I have a desire to correct some of those issues now and make more pure the information that I had offered up some time ago.

This is not a small task but where there is life there is hope. Over the coming time I will make an effort to continue to connect to you by way of your emotions when relating to material that you will access. Making use of the comments section of the Swedenborg presentations that you frequent could be such an avenue for discussion.

I will leave you now as I see that you have some things to attend to at this time.